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The company participated in the 2013 Shandong (International) Pulp and Paper Technology and Equipment Exhibition

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On March 19, the "2013 Shandong (International) Pulp and Paper Technology and Equipment Exhibition" sponsored by Shandong Economic and Information Commission, Shandong Publishing Group, and Shandong Light Industry Association was grandly held in Shandong Machinery and Equipment Exhibition Center. Our company was invited to participate in the exhibition. The theme of this exhibition is "technological innovation, energy saving and consumption reduction, green environmental protection, circular economy".

The exhibition attracted more than 200 well-known pulp and paper enterprises and key pulp and paper equipment manufacturers from 16 countries and regions, including Chenming, Huatai, ABB, Stonewood/Sibei, Pangsai in Finland, CNG in the United States, Changhua, Chenzhong and Star. Qian Guijing, vice president of China Light Industry Federation and chairman of China Paper Association, Cao Pufang, executive vice president of China Paper Association, and Zhang Lisheng, chairman of Shandong Publishing Group, attended the opening ceremony. At the exhibition, the company's leading products such as natural color cultural paper, natural color household paper, natural color food and medical packaging boxes have attracted the attention of exhibitors, experts, industry colleagues and consumers, and there is an endless stream of consultation and exchange in front of the booth.

Since 2003, the "Shandong (International) Pulp and Paper Technology and Equipment Exhibition" has been held for 11 consecutive sessions, and it has become more and more well-known in the paper and equipment manufacturing industry at home and abroad. It has become an important trade platform, information platform and cooperation platform for China's pulp and paper and equipment industry. Through the contact and negotiation with customers, we have a better understanding of the market demand, and laid a good foundation for the company to further publicize and sell natural color paper products and enhance the corporate image and brand awareness

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