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Fertilizer Company's New Product Launch Conference Held in Zhengzhou

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On April 16, taking advantage of the 15th National Fertilizer Double Fair and the 10th Central Plains Fertilizer Double Fair (Zhengzhou, Henan), Jiayou Fertilizer Company held a new product launch of biological humic acid in Zhengzhou Deyi Hotel. The meeting invited experts such as Gao Xianbiao, director of Tianjin Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment, Sun Zhimei, a humic acid research expert at Hebei Agricultural University, and Zhang Yuting, director of Henan Institute of Soil and Fertilizer. More than 300 people attended the meeting, including China Agricultural Resources Guide, Henan Satellite TV, Henan Science and Technology News and other media, as well as dealers from all over the country.

At the meeting, relevant experts and leaders expounded the role of humic acid in agricultural development from the perspective of scientific research and theory, and unanimously evaluated the newly developed humic acid products of the company, which have small molecular weight and high activity. Compared with humic acid extracted from peat, lignite and weathered coal, it has more advantages in application effect. Gao Xianbiao, director of Tianjin Institute of resources and environment, pointed out that problems such as crop stubble are caused by the existence of microorganisms, while humic acid is generated under the action of microorganisms, which can react on microorganisms and affect the group of microorganisms, so as to reduce the occurrence of pathogenic bacteria and solve the problem of stubble.

Guo Liangjin, general manager of Jiayou Fertilizer Company, made it clear that the transformation of Jiayou Fertilizer Company is not only a change in product packaging and content, but also a product upgrade based on the systematic adjustment of the entire "one grass dual-use" model, including the pulping process. He pointed out that the humic acid products newly developed and produced by Jiayou Fertilizer Company have small molecular weight and higher activity than mineral humic acid. They can not only increase the content of soil organic matter, but also effectively inhibit the occurrence of crop diseases and insect pests, thereby improving crop quality. He also pointed out that Jiayou humic acid products used chemical reactions to realize the process that the soil took a long time to complete, and constructed a "fallow-free" industrialized straw returning model.

Finally, Guo Liangjin said that the company will further improve the interest chain system and agrochemical service system to ensure the long-term effectiveness of distributors in promoting and operating humic acid products, so as to realize the rapid and large-scale development of the company's humic acid industry.

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