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The company sounded the horn of comprehensive promotion of straw storage mode

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In order to speed up the development process of the company's project and rapidly promote the mode of raw material collection, storage and transportation and the sales mode of liquid fertilizer, the company organized a training meeting for managers of 1,000-ton points in Gaotang and surrounding counties and cities from March 10 to 17. This marks the comprehensive promotion of the unique spring forest straw collection and storage model formed after nearly five years of exploration, pilot and summary.

At the meeting, Du Lizhi, deputy director of the county agriculture bureau, Huang Hongxing, vice president of the company's supply, and Liu Bing, vice president of sales of Jiayou fertilizer company, made important speeches respectively. Huang Hongxing introduced in detail the development space of the 1,000-ton site and the significance and content of the training meeting, which strengthened the confidence of the 1,000-ton site manager in cooperation with Quanlin. Du Lizhi talked about the advantages of straw recovery and liquid fertilizer use from an agronomic perspective. The thousand-ton point controller explained in detail the preparation and operation guarantee of the thousand-ton point, the operation procedures, daily maintenance and troubleshooting of the picking and bundling machine; liu Bing explained the advantages of liquid fertilizer, its promotion mode and its combination with 1,000-ton points. In the practical part of the training, the thousand-ton point manager and the thousand-ton point mechanical operator visited the liquid fertilizer test field on the spot, received practical training on picking up the baler in the stock yard, and personally experienced the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of the baler.

At present, the company's equipment workshop is fully producing balers in combination with the needs of the raw materials department, striving to distribution to each thousand tons before wheat harvest, so as to increase the collection volume of each thousand tons. It is estimated that the collection of wheat straw in our county will reach more than 80000 tons this year, and the collection rate will increase by more than 50% compared with last year. In addition, this year, the company will also promote the establishment of standardized 1,000-ton sites for 2-3 years in each surrounding county and city for demonstration. At the same time, the company will increase its promotion efforts in Jining, Heze and other areas rich in straw resources, and cooperate with a group of large households engaged in straw collection and storage all the year round, increase the number of 1,000-ton sites, increase the amount of straw collection, and ensure the stable supply of straw raw materials for the company.

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