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Jiayou Company implements product strategic transformation

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Recently, the product strategy transformation of Jiayou Fertilizer Company, which has been brewing for a long time, was officially launched. This transformation is mainly aimed at the product characteristics of Jiayou Fertilizer Company, and the transformation of the current organic fertilizer with relatively single function and low value to high value-added humic acid products. It is reported that humic acid is a macromolecular organic weak acid, composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur and other elements, containing carboxyl, phenolic hydroxyl, alcohol hydroxyl, quinone, carbonyl and other active groups, so it has a variety of chemical, physical and biological characteristics, can be widely used in the production of pollution-free food, green food, organic food, ecological environment control, desertification, saline alkali land control, urban pollution prevention and control, health care products development and other fields. The main ingredient of "Wujinsan" mentioned by Li Shizhen in Compendium of Materia Medica is humic acid. At present, the wide application range and high economic value of humic acid products make it a veritable "Wujin". As a plant growth regulator, humic acid can promote crop growth and strengthen the crop body, thereby improving crop resistance to drought and cold, reducing pests and diseases, reducing pesticide use, and improving food safety.

Over the years, the characteristics of our company's organic fertilizer products in agricultural production, such as improving fertilizer utilization rate, obvious crop yield increase and excellent quality, are the results of the action of humic acid. According to the detection of humic acid quality testing center of China Humic Acid Industry Association, the total content of humic acid in the residue after fiber extraction in the pulping and cooking process of our company is as high as 47.97%, of which the content of fulvic acid is as high as 42.38%, which is a high-quality raw material for biological humic acid products. According to our company's positioning and transformation of humic acid products, the leading products of Jiayou Fertilizer Company will be divided into four series. The first series is water-soluble humic acid products of life source. The second series is humic acid salt products, such as potassium humate, calcium humate, potassium fulvic acid, etc. The third series is fulvic acid foliar fertilizer series, with bottled or bagged liquid and cup powder. The fourth series is liquid fertilizer containing water-soluble humic acid, which will be combined with straw purchase and promoted to the surrounding areas with Gao Tang as the core. The first three series of products will be cultivated and promoted as high value-added products. In order to ensure the smooth transformation of products, Jiayou has formulated a number of safeguard measures. One is to quickly establish a marketing system. Each sales company formulates its own development plan, actively seeks sellers and agents, and effectively implements the marketing plan. The second is to provide comprehensive marketing planning services. Specially set up a development service company, implement one-to-one service for each sales company, expand the agrochemical service team, improve the service content, add promotion methods, increase media advertising efforts, and comprehensively improve market promotion capabilities. The third is to further promote the development and promotion of new products. While accelerating the research and development of scientific formulas, we will further improve the production process, establish a product quality and safety system and internal control standards for new products, improve production efficiency, and strictly control production costs. Four is to do a good job in marketing business security services. Further enhance the logistics and warehousing, quality inspection, personnel, finance, administrative logistics and other parts of the service awareness and work capabilities, to provide efficient, fast and high-quality services for product marketing.

On March 2, Jiayou Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Humic Acid Industry Association to jointly promote the construction of Quanlin Humic Acid New Industry Development Project. This cooperation aims to jointly promote the "new industry of spring forest humic acid" to a new level, realize the fundamental goal of "one grass with multiple uses", and promote the series of biological humic acid products to feed back the great achievements of agriculture. The two sides reached a framework cooperation agreement on nine aspects of common concern, including the establishment of "spring forest humic acid ecological home", the optimization of "biological humic acid technology", the implementation of "humic acid authentic medicinal material planting project", and the establishment of "national humic acid low carbon fertilizer engineering center.

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