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Li Jing, Deputy Director of the Environmental Resources Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, visited our company.

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On February 25, Li Jing, deputy director of the Environmental Resources Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, and his party came to our company to inspect the comprehensive utilization of straw. Li Xixin, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, Zhang Ying, deputy secretary of the county party committee and county magistrate, and Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of the company, accompanied the event. Li Jing and his party visited the company's environmental protection general outlet, Tianhe packaging, papermaking eight workshops, etc., and learned in detail the company's successful experience in the technical development and production practice of comprehensive utilization of straw.

At the subsequent symposium, Li Hongfa systematically reported on the company's comprehensive utilization of straw and its extensive social, economic, and ecological benefits, the company's leading product market prospects and corporate development plans, and put forward specific suggestions for domestic support policies. Li Jing spoke highly of the company's straw comprehensive utilization of circular economy development model and effectiveness. She emphasized that Quanlin Paper has made great breakthroughs in the comprehensive utilization of straw. In the future work, it must be long-term-oriented, good at planning, continue to adhere to the direction of ecological civilization construction and circular economy, and continue to develop new technologies for comprehensive utilization of straw., New products, and transform them into economic, ecological, and social benefits as soon as possible to achieve rapid and healthy development of the enterprise, at the same time, we should do a good job in the promotion of advanced models and experience, and actively promote the development of the national straw comprehensive utilization industry.

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