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Second Prize of National Technology Invention

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On January 18, the National Science and Technology Awards Conference was grandly held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Party and state leaders Hu Jintao, Xi Jinping, Wen Jiabao, Li Keqiang, and Liu Yunshan attended the conference and presented awards to the winners. At the meeting, our company's "new technology of straw clean pulping and waste liquid fertilizer resource utilization" was awarded the "second prize of national technological invention in 2012". This is the only national technology award project won by the paper industry in 2012, and it is also the only national technology invention award won by my country's paper industry in the past 10 years. chairman and general manager li hongfa attended the award ceremony as the first inventor of the technology.

The company's research and development of "new technology for resource utilization of straw clean pulping and waste liquid fertilizer" began in 1998, aiming to break through the two major technical problems of low quality of straw pulping and difficulty in black liquor treatment, and fully implement the concept of resource utilization and circular economy. It is a complete independent innovation technology system covering the whole process of straw pulping and black liquor treatment. It is also the key core technology of our company's straw clean pulping and papermaking circular economy industry. In 2007, the technology achieved a comprehensive breakthrough and put into large-scale production; from 2008 to 2011, straw pulping waste liquid refined organic fertilizer technology, straw clean pulping technology, environmentally friendly native color pulp products technology and native color pulp technology have successively won the China Light Industry Federation's international leading technology achievement appraisal. The technology includes 21 national invention patents, a total of hammer preparation, replacement cooking, mechanical dredging oxygen delignification, natural pulp and pulping waste liquid to create organic fertilizer 5 main technology invention points, are the industry's first.

Applying this technology, our company broke through the key technical bottleneck of straw pulping and papermaking. On the basis of comprehensive breakthrough in pulping environmental protection and better discharge water quality than foreign wood pulp standards, straw natural color pulp instead of wood pulp has been developed, and high-grade natural color pulp products such as natural color culture paper, household paper and food packaging box (paper) have been developed. All pulping black liquor resources have been utilized and converted into high-efficiency organic fertilizer rich in humic acid, thus constructing a circular economy industry with low carbon, environmental protection and green characteristics. Yu Yiji, a leading pulping and papermaking expert in China, and Zhang Houmin, an internationally renowned pulping and papermaking expert, have all highly appraised the effectiveness of the technology.

Especially under the policy background of accelerating the comprehensive utilization of straw and fully implementing the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" for the comprehensive utilization of crop straw, it is of great practical significance and long-term strategic significance to apply this technology in the scientific utilization of straw pulp and paper making and promoting the sustainable development of the paper industry in the straw-rich areas of our country. The pulping and papermaking project of comprehensive utilization of straw with an annual processing capacity of 1.5 million tons and the pulping and papermaking project of comprehensive utilization of straw in Dehui City of Jilin Province and Jiamusi City of Heilongjiang Province will open a new chapter in the industrialization of this technology.

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