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The company's food packaging paper has passed the national food quality and safety production (QS) certification.

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On January 8, the company's food packaging paper passed the review of the Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau at one time, obtained the national quality and safety production license (ie QS certification), and successfully received a "pass" for the food packaging market ".

The field audit acceptance led by the provincial quality supervision bureau, a period of two days. More than 40 items of hardware and software such as environmental conditions, production equipment, process equipment and related auxiliary equipment, raw material requirements, processing technology and process, process flow setting, product standard requirements, personnel requirements, product storage and transportation requirements, quality management requirements, product packaging identification requirements, food label standard requirements and so on must be provided for the project to ensure product quality, the audit team believes that the company meets the national food quality and safety production (QS) certification inspection and evaluation standards, and unanimously agrees to pass the acceptance and issue the certification certificate.

QS mark is the food quality and safety market access mark, which is the proof mark that the quality of the product produced by the enterprise reaches the corresponding level. The detailed rules for the implementation of production license for food paper packaging, containers and other products promulgated by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China stipulates that the market access mark -- QS mark must be printed when selling food paper packaging, containers and other products that are subject to production license management and have passed the inspection. Those without QS mark are not allowed to enter the market. Passing the QS certification this time indicates that our company has the ability to continuously and stably produce qualified food packaging paper products, which has laid a solid foundation for the company to produce and sell food packaging paper.

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