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Minister Zhou Shengxian of the State Environmental Protection Department visited our company.

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Minister Zhou Shengxian of the Ministry of Environmental Protection visited our company,ardent hopeEnterprise

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(News from our newspaper) On the morning of June 17, Minister Zhou Shengxian of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and his entourage were accompanied by Sun Wei, Chang and Deputy Governor of the Provincial Party Committee, Zhang Bo, Director of the Provincial Environmental Protection Department, Lin Fenghai, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, and Deputy Mayor Hou Jun, Secretary of the County Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the County People's Congress Huo Gaoyuan and other provincial, visited the company to inspect the sewage treatment and structure. Company chairman and general manager Li Hongfa accompanied the event. Zhou Shengxian and his party first came to the company's reception hall and watched a documentary feature film that fully reflected the company's scientific development. With the spirit of perseverance and innovation of "grinding a sword in ten years", our company adheres to the enterprise concept of "managing spring forest with life and making spring forest benefit the society", and focuses on the independent research and development of straw cleaning pulping technology, finally, with 3 international leading technologies and 166 national invention patents, the traditional straw pulp papermaking has overcome the six major difficulties of raw material collection, impurity removal, lignin removal, waste residue and waste liquid treatment, waste water treatment and reuse, and realized the phoenix nirvana and rebirth of straw pulp papermaking, with practical actions to reverse people's one-sided understanding that "straw pulp papermaking is backward production capacity and the first evil of pollution. Zhou Shengxian looked carefully and carefully remembered that when he saw that Quanlin straw pulping and papermaking had obvious comparative advantages with traditional straw pulping and wood pulping in terms of sewage treatment, COD content and product quality, he nodded frequently. During the discussion, Zhou Shengxian asked in detail about the past and present pollution treatment of the enterprise, whether the key technology is high-tech, what is the benefit of the enterprise, what is the labor productivity of the whole staff, and the composition of the raw material structure. After getting a satisfactory answer, Zhou Shengxian was very happy.

Later, Zhou Shengxian also made on-the-spot inspections at the replacement cooking workshop, fertilizer workshop, ecological wetland project and general discharge port. Everywhere he went, Zhou Shengxian checked the production situation with great interest, understood the product characteristics, and listened to the introduction of the person in charge of the enterprise. After in-depth understanding of the company's industrial structure and technological advantages, Zhou Shengxian pointed out that the development of Quanlin is like a process of cicada slough, which is painful and nurtures hope. The core of Quanlin's experience is a model of using the environment to optimize economic growth. It is a successful practice of using the environmental force mechanism to promote the transformation of enterprises, and it is a model of a standard circular economy, after technical transformation, scale expansion and efficiency improvement, Quanlin is now "opening up after the three passes". Zhou Shengxian said that through the development process of Quanlin, he deeply felt that the core of adjusting the organizational structure of an enterprise is to put the people who are the most capable of engaging in enterprises and the most insiders in the most critical positions, and to make the best use of their talents in order to realize the leapfrog development of the enterprise. Zhou Shengxian expressed ardent hope for the future development of our company. He said that Quanlin Paper, like our "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" environmental protection, is a promising Quanlin. The next step is to make efforts to become bigger and stronger, expand at low cost, make use of Quanlin's advanced and unique technology, develop at high speed and operate at high efficiency, move forward step by step, truly seek new development, and create new brilliance!


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