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The exhibition knows the true color of the spring forest in the east wind.

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Yangchun March,At the time of spring, domestic famous commodities and international pulp and paper industry paper and paper products expositions also followed. The company chose the time, place, and opportunity to actively participate in the three major exhibition activities this month, actively promote product brand promotion, enhance corporate image, and let"TRALIN"," Quanlin's true colors "accompanied by the natural color paper products, are full of vitality, and kick off a new attack on the market in the new year.

Famous Commodities Fair

3Month13Day-15day,2011Year of Shandong3·15Famous and high-quality goods (services) and corporate image Expo was held in Jinan Shungeng Villa Convention and Exhibition Center. Our company was invited to participate in the exhibition and was awarded"2011Year of Shandong3·15Excellence Award for Famous Goods (Services) and Corporate Image Expo ". During the exhibition, there was a steady stream of visitors to the company's booth and inquiries, and everyone became interested in the "Quanlin" series of products, picking up the products to watch the color, smell the fragrance of wheat, and try the hand, "This environmentally friendly and healthy product is good for adults and better for children! It is a good product worth promoting!" Become a unanimous evaluation, and scramble to ask which supermarket has sold, express purchase intention.

Pulp and Paper Technology and Equipment Exhibition

3Month17Day-19day,2011Shandong (International) Pulp and Paper Technology and Equipment Exhibition was held in Shandong Machinery and Equipment Exhibition Center. Qian Guijing, Chairman of China Paper Association, Li Weiming, Chairman of Shandong Light Industry Association, Song Honglin, Vice Chairman, Shandong Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau, Shandong Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, Shandong Provincial Government Office and other relevant leaders attended the exhibition. During the exhibition, the exhibition area of our company was crowded with people, and leaders at all levels such as Qian Guijing visited the exhibition area of the company in person. Chairman Qian Guijing has learned about the advantages and characteristics of the company's natural products in previous years of activities, and he said that in this year's display, the brand-new brand of "Quanlin's natural color" made people shine at the moment. He also congratulated the company on its new achievements in the development of the natural paper market. It is hoped that Quanlin Paper will continue to carry forward its technological and product advantages in the comprehensive utilization of straw, constantly look for new growth points of various benefits of the enterprise, and make due contributions to the new development of the paper industry during the 12th five-year Plan period. Zhang Lisheng, chairman of Shandong Publishing Group, Zhang Jun, chairman of Shandong Printing Materials Company, Zhao Hongyan, general manager of Shandong Printing Materials Company, and Meng Lingbai, deputy general manager, also visited the company's exhibition area.

Pulp, Paper and Paper Products Expo

3Month22Day-24day,2011The China International Pulp, Paper and Paper Products Expo was held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition is co-sponsored by China Forest Industry Association, China Forest Industry Association Forest Paper Branch and China Forest Paper Entrepreneur Club. Although this is the first time that the organizer Shanghai Jiahan Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. has hosted the pulp and paper exhibition, it still attracts many pulp and paper manufacturers to participate in the exhibition with the influence of holding the international paper fiber annual meeting for five consecutive times. In this exhibition, through the exchanges with participating dealers and peers, we have obtained more information about the product structure adjustment and market response strategies of the paper industry, and promoted the promotion of our company's native pulp products in southern markets such as Guangdong, Fujian, and Shenzhen., Sales have built a good platform and foundation, and enhanced corporate image and brand awareness.

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