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The research team of the National Development Research Center visited our company.

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3Month13DayChen Qingtai, former party secretary and deputy director of the Development Research Center of the State Council, Wu Jinglian, a researcher of the Development Research Center of the State Council, visited our company, Wang Junmin, member of the standing Committee of the Provincial CPC Committee and vice governor, Li Xixin, member of the standing Committee of the Liaocheng Municipal CPC Committee and executive vice mayor, Hou Jun, Zhang Ying, deputy secretary of the Gaotang County CPC Committee and county magistrate, Zhu Maoming, company chairman and general manager Li Hongfa accompanied the event.

The research team and his party came to the company's general environmental protection outlet, carefully understood the company's environmental protection treatment work, and inspected the company's various products and corporate environmental protection and drainage sites. Li Hongfa gave a detailed introduction on the company's product advantages and development prospects. He said that the biggest advantage of Quanlin Paper is to vigorously develop a circular economy with the comprehensive utilization of straw as the main line, and to achieve a level of environmental protection treatment that is better than that of developed countries in the world; increase scientific research and develop a series of natural products. The physical indicators are better than wood pulp and paper products, especially its dioxin content is zero, which is more environmentally friendly and healthy, and makes a huge contribution to society.2010Year12Month1DayThe national standard "Maximum Brightness (Whiteness) Limit of Paper and Cardboard" formulated by Quanlin Paper Industry was officially promulgated and implemented. This is the first change from "no less than how much" whiteness to "maximum limit", which reflects the country's increasing attention to the impact of high whiteness paper on eye health and the environment. Quanlin Paper Industry's efforts in natural color paper products have been more affirmed. At present, Quanlin Paper continues to increase the research and development of grass pulping and papermaking technology, and has accumulated patents.165Item, authorized77most of which are invention patents, and focus on research to continuously improve the value of products. While deepening the social, environmental and economic benefits brought about by the Quanlin model, Quanlin Paper is also actively broadening and improving the industrial chain, and striving for greater breakthroughs in straw collection, pulping and papermaking, production of organic fertilizer and environmental protection tableware equipment.

The research team fully affirmed and highly appraised the company's development status and huge development potential, and hoped that Quanlin Paper can make new achievements on the existing basis and achieve new breakthroughs in the field of grass pulping and papermaking.

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