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Quanlin Group passed the national technology innovation demonstration enterprise review

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Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued an announcement on the results of the review and evaluation of national technological innovation demonstration enterprises in 2018, including Quanlin Group, Baowu Iron and Steel, Weichai Power, Fuyao Glass, etc.146Through review and evaluation,4The company failed the review evaluation.

National technological innovation demonstration enterprises are jointly assessed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance, and the evaluation criteria are comprehensive and systematic, including enterprise innovation investment, talent incentive, innovation cooperation, innovation team construction, innovation condition construction, technology accumulation reserve, technological innovation output, technological innovation benefits and other aspects, in order to select enterprises with strong technological innovation ability, remarkable innovation performance and important demonstration and guiding role in major industrial industries. The national technological innovation demonstration enterprise implements dynamic management, which is reviewed and evaluated every three years.In 2012, it was recognized as a national technological innovation demonstration enterprise, and this is the second time that it has passed the review and evaluation.

Innovation is the core driving force to promote the conversion of new and old kinetic energy and achieve high-quality development. It is also the core competitiveness and vitality of Quanlin Group. Over the years, Quanlin Group has continued to increase investment in scientific research, enhance the ability of independent innovation, and constantly build development advantages. The first is to build a high-end innovation platform, adhere to talent-oriented and platform-first, build R & D platforms such as national enterprise technology centers, provincial engineering technology research centers, and provincial key laboratories, and conduct in-depth cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research institutes. A high-level innovation team and long-term mechanism have been established. The second is to increase the research and development of core technologies, focus on the research and development of key core technologies, promote technological innovation layer by layer, build an integrated and systematic independent innovation technology system covering the entire industrial chain, and realize the rapid transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The third is to develop high-efficiency intelligent equipment. According to the needs of industrial transformation and upgrading, research and develop related equipment in the field of comprehensive utilization of resources such as straw pulping, papermaking, fertilizer production, and environmental protection, realizing the comprehensive upgrade of equipment in the entire industry chain, and promoting the localization and intelligence of industrial equipment development.

Under the guidance of innovation driven strategyQuanlin Group strives to improve new technologies, new industries, new formats and new models through continuous development, implement industrial intelligence, intelligent industrialization, cross-border integration and high-end brand, constantly cultivate and strengthen new momentum and build new advantages for development. At present, Quanlin Group has accumulated research and development.200The remaining patented technologies cover various fields such as straw preparation, pulping, papermaking, environmental protection, fertilizer manufacturing and the design and manufacture of equipment related to the industrial chain.6This technical achievement has been identified as an international leading technology, the core technology has won the second prize of national technological invention (the highest technological invention award in the industry), and presided over or participated in the formulation of "green product evaluation paper and paper products", "green design product evaluation technical specification household paper", "straw fulvic acid fertilizer", etc.38The national, industry and group standards provide inexhaustible power and strong guarantee for the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises.

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