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Shandong Releases Top 50 High-end Brand Value in Manufacturing Industry Quanlin Group Ranks in the Forefront

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On September 7, the launching ceremony of the province's "Quality Month" event jointly organized by the Shandong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, and the Provincial Department of Science and Technology was held in Jinan. At the meeting, the list of 100 high-end brand cultivation enterprises in Shandong Province's manufacturing industry in 2018 and the top 50 brand values of high-end brand cultivation enterprises in the manufacturing industry were released. Quanlin Group was successfully shortlisted and ranked first.

In the list of top 50 high-end brand value in Shandong manufacturing industry,The brand value of Quanlin Group is 6.732 billion yuan, ranking 5th in food processing and light industry and 2nd in paper industry. 

This evaluation is carried out by Shandong Institute of Standardization and Shandong Brand Building Promotion Association in accordance with the principles of voluntary enterprise, local recommendation and third-party evaluation, relying on relevant scientific research institutes, universities, asset evaluation associations and other experts, in accordance with relevant international brand value evaluation methods and national standards for brand value evaluation of various industries, according to the financial data and various comprehensive indicators provided by enterprises, combining big data information such as relevant authorities, financial databases, credit information platforms, and public opinion monitoring platforms,The brand value of related enterprises is evaluated from the five dimensions of enterprise technology innovation, tangible assets, intangible assets, quality and service.

In recent years, Quanlin Group has adhered to the development direction of "invigorating national industry, building environmental protection industry and creating international brand", actively implemented the quality strategy of "quality pilotage and ecological development of enterprise", focusing on deepening production and operation, scientific and technological innovation, quality management, intellectual property rights, corporate culture, etc., and comprehensively implemented the high-end construction of brand, It has created world-famous brands such as "Quanlin natural color" paper products and "Jiayou, it has been selected as the first batch of national industrial brand cultivation demonstration enterprises, Shandong century brand key cultivation enterprises, and Shandong manufacturing single champion enterprises.In May 2018, China's Top 100 Brand Value List was released. Quanlin Group's brand value ranked 17th in the light industry, 2nd in the paper industry, 2nd in the light industry and 1st in the paper industry.

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Tranlin Group

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