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"Quanlin" household paper selected the first batch of green manufacturing project library in Shandong Province

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recently,Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Commission announcedList of Projects Stored in Shandong Green Manufacturing Project Library in 2018,"Quanlin natural color" life paper successfully selected. As a warehousing project, "Quanlin Nature" household paper will give priority to recommending projects such as striving for a national green manufacturing list and applying for green manufacturing system integration, while giving priority to relevant provincial policy support.

There are 167 warehousing projects, including 97 factories, 25 products, 9 parks and 36 system integration projects.. "Quanlin" toilet paper, toilet paper, kitchen tissue three types of products were selected into the project library "green products" list.

In the process of development, Quanlin Group pays attention not only to the green design of products, but also to the green solutions throughout the whole production chain, product chain, industrial chain and even national resources and environment problems.

Green production:

Through green technology, technology, equipment and materials, Quanlin Group runs "green" through the whole production process, and achieves environmental protection indicators better than the environmental protection standards of wood pulp in developed countries. It is the first batch of pilot units of circular economy and the first batch of green factories in China......

     Green products:

Quanlin Group's innovative research and development of "Quanlin" paper products, "Jiayou" fulvic acid.Fertilizers are all environment-friendly products, and have passed green certification such as "China Environmental Label Products", "Original Ecological Protection Products", "Ecological Origin Product Protection" and quality certification by international health institutions, forming a green, healthy and high-end brand image.

    Green Industries:

 Quanlin Group has gradually established a "Quanlin Model" for high-value and deep utilization of straw, which provides an operable solution to the outstanding problems of resources, environment and agriculture, such as reducing straw burning, reducing smog, reducing forest resource felling, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving agricultural soil fertility, improving quality, increasing yield, reducing chemical fertilizers, reducing pesticides, etc.

Under the background of entrepreneurial innovation and green development, Quanlin Group is deeply promoting technological innovation, product research and development, and industrial replication and promotion. to provide a "spring forest plan" to solve the problems of fresh air, clean water and safe food that people are concerned about on a larger scale ".


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