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Quanlinjia's "Strong Agriculture Action" Launched in Hangzhou

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Quanlinjia's "Strong Agriculture Action" Launched in Hangzhou



On July 13, the 2018 Quanlin Jiayou Partner Summit with the theme of "New Starting Point and New Journey, Joining Hands to Serve Better Agriculture" was held in Hangzhou. More than 400 partners and experts from all over the country gathered in Hangzhou to witness Shandong Quanlin Jiayou Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd. launched the "Strong Agriculture Action" and released new products. 

The meeting site

ShandongHan Zimin, Deputy Magistrate of Gaotang County, delivered a speech

 Shandong Quanlin Jiayou Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd. General Manager Guo Liangjin Speech

 Shandong Quanlinjia has Guo Hongquan, General Manager of Huazhong Sales Company

Introduction of the Action to strengthen agriculture 

Gao Xianbiao, director of Tianjin Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment, delivered a keynote speech

The summit consists of three sections: the keynote speech of experts, the launch of "strong agricultural action" and the release of new products. Shandong Quanlinjia has Guo Hongquan, General Manager of Huazhong Sales CompanyHe said that the "Strong Agriculture Action" aims to achieve "value sharing, integrated development, and coordinated services" through sharing resources, coordination, division of labor, and meeting the new needs of agricultural farmers, so that agriculture can return to its true colors, and promote agriculture to "stronger arable land.", Crop growth is stronger, agricultural materials services are stronger, farmers' income is stronger, and agricultural products are better ". Through "forced action" to promote the green development of agriculture, agricultural materials, agricultural technology, quality development and farmers' income!

Quanlin Jiayou Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd. is the inventor and creator of pure natural plant-derived fulvic acid. It is the world's leading research and development and production enterprise of plant-derived fulvic acid, with an annual output of 1 million tons of various plant-derived fulvic acid products. Quanlinjia has a national technology research and development center, with 37 national technological invention patents, and the core technology won the second prize of national technological invention in 2012.

Quanlin Jiayou Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd.In the 16 years since its establishment, the cumulative application area of plant-derived fulvic acid products has exceeded 0.1 billion mu. While reducing and repairing soil pollution, more than 5000 million growers have increased their cumulative income by more than 10 billion yuan by increasing crop yields and improving the quality of agricultural products, enabling more than 0.3 billion people to eat safer, healthier and high-quality vegetables, grain, fruits and other agricultural products.  

New Product Launch Ceremony

▲ On-site product display

Signing ceremony site

 Huang Hongxing, chairman of Shandong Quanlin Jiayou Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd., took a photo with the participants.

Quanlin Jiayou Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd.With plant-derived fulvic acid as the core, it produces six series of "national key new products": high-end organic fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer, microbial fertilizer, fulvic acid nutrient solution, fulvic acid granules, fulvic acid foliar fertilizer. Our products are certified by national, EU and US organic inputs.

during the summit,Quanlin Jiayou Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd.A symposium on fulvic acid attended by more than 20 experts from all over the country was organized, and everyone discussed how fulvic acid serves modern agriculture and other topics.

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