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The research group of the CPPCC of Jilin Province went to Quanlin Group to investigate the comprehensive utilization of straw.

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4Month 24day,Li Jinxiu, vice chairman of the Jilin Provincial Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference, and his entourage came to Quanlin Group to investigate and investigate the comprehensive utilization of straw. Li Hongfa, chairman of Quanlin Group, accompanied the event.

Chairman Li JinxiuThe party successively conducted on-the-spot inspection of Quanlin straw collection and storage point, environmental protection general discharge port, fertilizer exhibition hall, cultural paper workshop, group exhibition hall, etc., and learned in detail about the development model of Quanlin straw comprehensive utilization industry, the construction of straw collection and storage network, environmental protection water treatment, product market promotion, etc.

Chairman Li Jinxiu's"The ecological, economic and social benefits and promotion value of the "Spring Forest Model" are highly affirmed. He pointed out that the "spring forest model" has realized the large-scale and high-value recycling of crop straw. At the same time, it has also solved many outstanding problems in the field of environment, resources and agriculture, such as straw burning, carbon emission reduction, agricultural quality improvement, chemical fertilizer and pesticide reduction, soil improvement, etc., which are of great typical significance and popularization value. Finally, he encouraged Quanlin to give full play to its technological and industrial advantages, actively strive for national policy support, and hope that Quanlin will develop better and better.

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Tranlin Group

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