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Quanlin Jiayou Fulvic Acid Successfully Exported to the United States

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On March 25, the first batch of 1000 tons of Quanlinjia fulvic acid nutrient solution successfully arrived at Charleston port in South Carolina, USA, officially opening the prelude to the export of Quanlinjia fulvic acid fertilizer to the United States. The export of fulvic acid products is mainly used in the United States leafy vegetables, citrus, grapes and other crops.

Last year, the international well-known research institutions of the United States SynTech Research company had in the United States, broccoli and other crops Jiayou fulvic acid application test. The results showed that on the basis of conventional fertilization, 9.5kg fulvic acid was applied per mu, and the broccoli yield increased by 28.7 per mu. 85% conventional fertilization increased fulvic acid by 9.5kg, and broccoli yield increased by 24.5 per mu. At the same time, Quanlinjia fulvic acid has also obtained the US NOP and EU EC organic agricultural input evaluation certificates issued by the French International Ecological Certification Center (ECOCERT SA), an international authoritative organic certification body. TheseThe fertilizer efficiency test and green certification of international authoritative institutions provide a "gold pass" for Quanlinjia fulvic acid to enter the international market, and further expand the international market of products.

Fulvic acid is internationally recognized as a magical substance that can play a variety of functions in the field of agriculture and even life sciences. The market demand is huge, but due to its limited sources and high cost, its promotion and application are limited, and it is rarely used in agricultural production. Through years of exploration and practice, Quanlin Group has creatively opened up a technical path to directly extract straw source fulvic acid from straw at low cost, which not only effectively solves the problem of recycling straw resources, but also greatly reduces the production cost of fulvic acid. Various forms of fulvic acid products such as liquid, granules and powder are widely used as base fertilizer, top dressing and foliar fertilizer in the cultivation of food crops, cash crops, fruit trees and other agricultural products.

According to the results of field experiments in scientific research institutes such as the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Quanlinjia fulvic acid can greatly improve soil fertility, increase crop yield and quality, reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and effectively increase the supply of green and high-quality agricultural products that meet international standards. Quanlinjia fulvic acid provides an effective way to solve the problems of improving agricultural quality and increasing production, improving the quality of cultivated land, reducing chemical fertilizers and pesticides, improving saline-alkali land, repairing heavy metal pollution and grassland ecological restoration. It is recognized as a modern ecological agriculture technology program with great characteristics and effectiveness.

At present, the product has been in the country 30MultipleThe application of field crops and cash crops in provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and participated in the implementation of Shandong Province 20Ten thousand mu of fulvic acid demonstration and extension project, Harbin 100000 mu of fulvic acid demonstration and extension project, northeast black land protection project and a series of government demonstration projects.

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