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2018 China's Top 100 Brand Value List Released Quanlin Group's Brand Value Ranked Top

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On May 9, under the guidance of the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, the "2018 China Brand value Evaluation Information release and the second China Brand Development Forum" sponsored by Economic Daily, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and China Brand Building Promotion Association was held in Shanghai. The meeting from the enterprise brand, product brand, regional brand and independent innovation brand four aspects of the release, HanCover enterprise1346, the number of brands 718. In the classification of enterprise brand light industry, the brand value of Quanlin Group is 5.601 billion yuan.,Ranked No.17. Paper industry No. 2;Brand Strength948 ,Ranked No.2, paper industry 1..

In recent years, in combination with the actual situation of enterprise development and market competition, Quanlin group has continuously deepened production and operation, scientific and technological innovation, quality management, intellectual property rights and corporate culture, enhanced the hard work and soft power of enterprise competition, and promoted the construction of enterprise brand. It has been selected as the first batch of national industrial brand cultivation demonstration enterprises and Shandong century old brand key cultivation enterprises.

Spring Forest Group to crop straw as raw materials to create"Quanlin natural color" paper products and Quanlin "Jiayou" fulvic acid are high value-added environment-friendly products. They have passed the national "ecological origin product protection", "original ecological protection products", "China environmental label products" and other green certification and quality certification of international health institutions, forming a green, healthy and high-end brand image, which is favored by consumers.

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Tranlin Group

Tranlin Group

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Quanlin Jiayou fertilizer

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Tranlin True Color

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Quanju Ecological Agriculture Technology


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