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Cheng Lifeng, director of the Environmental Assessment Department of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, came to our company for research.

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3Month 3Cheng Lifeng, director of the EIA Department of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and his party of 5 people came to our company for research. Zhang Bo, Director of the Environmental Protection Department of Shandong Province, Hou Jun, Member of the Standing Committee of the Liaocheng Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor, Huo Gaoyuan, Secretary of the County Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the County People's Congress, Gao Zhiguo, Member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and Deputy County Mayor, Li Bingcheng, Chairman and General Manager Li Hongfa accompanied the event.

Cheng Lifeng and his party successively inspected the oxidation pond and aeration tank, the general discharge port of environmental protection, Jiayou Fertilizer Company, pulping production line, papermaking workshop 8, Tianhe Packaging Company, papermaking workshop 7, etc. of the company's environmental protection treatment project on the spot. While walking, they listened and watched carefully the whole process of the sewage generated in the pulping and papermaking process reaching the clean water discharge standard after being treated by multi-level environmental protection equipment, the construction of the company's environmental protection treatment facilities and the effect of environmental protection treatment are fully affirmed and highly evaluated. In order to make the research team understand the company's development concept and mode more intuitively and systematically, the staff also carefully prepared a comprehensive physical display from product raw materials to finished pulp, paper products, printed matter to organic fertilizer, growth matrix and water samples at various stages. Li Hongfa made a detailed report on the company's experience and practices in circular economy, clean production, energy conservation and emission reduction.

Li Hongfa said in his report that Quanlin Paper has formed a complete set of circular economy development models from product production to environmental protection, and has improved a number of horizontal coupling and vertical connection of circular economy industrial chains, achieve from the source to develop the original color pulp, from the process to make full use of straw resources to produce unbleached "spring forest color" paper products and high value-added by-products, from the terminal to do a good job of environmental protection work of scientific and systematic clean production, energy saving and emission reduction work, the benefits are remarkable. At present, the COD of the external drainage of Quanlin Paper is 30mg/L.About, and has been running continuously and stably for more than eight months;-30m3The water consumption per ton of pulp is much better80m3The national standard; The physical indexes of natural color cultural paper, such as folding endurance, tearing degree and cracking length, are far better than wood pulp products, and will once again become the paper for college entrance examination papers in Shandong Province this year. In the production process, "Quanlin natural color" household paper makes use of the slender characteristics of wheat straw fiber, which is softer, finer and more environmentally friendly and healthy than wood pulp products; the use of pulping waste liquid to produce organic fertilizer is of great significance to reduce pests and diseases, improve soil organic matter, etc.; the production significance of food and medical packaging has also expanded from simple degradable to petroleum energy substitution, bio-energy development and other aspects.

Cheng Lifeng has a strong interest in our company's innovative development model of comprehensive utilization of straw, "Quanlin's true colors" products and by-products. While listening to the introduction, he asked about the company's technology development and product market development. After listening to the report and seeing When the total discharge outlet is clear and transparent and the discharge water quality data is far better than the national discharge standard, he said that China has huge annual reserves of straw, but the utilization rate is very low, quanlin Paper uses wheat straw, rice straw and other crop straws to make pulp and paper. On the one hand, it breaks through the bottleneck of non-wood fiber production of high-end mechanism paper. On the other hand, it uses scientific and technological innovation to reduce the "greenhouse gas effect" caused by wheat straw combustion. Effectively reducing carbon dioxide emissions and meeting the requirements of national scientific development. The remarkable results and experience of Quanlin Paper in the circular economy after years of exploration are worthy of promotion.

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