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Quanlin Group was awarded the first batch of Shandong Province manufacturing single champion enterprises

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Recently, the Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Commission announced the first batch of Shandong Province manufacturing single champion enterprises list, the province's total79The company was shortlisted, Quanlin Group successfully made the list, and the single champion product was a natural grass pulp product.(new products).

It is reported that the selection of individual champion enterprises in manufacturing industry in Shandong Province aims to guide manufacturing enterprises to focus on innovation and quality improvement, form a leading position of individual champion in more subdivided product fields, enhance the competitiveness of manufacturing industry in Shandong Province, and promote the whole industry of our province to move towards the middle and high end. After being declared by enterprises, recommended by municipal economic and information commissions, relevant industry associations, and provincial enterprises, experts have assessed Haier, Inspur, Inspur, Changyu, etc.79Enterprises for the first batch of Shandong Province manufacturing single champion enterprises.


 According to the "Shandong Province Manufacturing Individual Champion Enterprise Cultivation and Promotion Special Action Implementation Plan", the Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Commission will strengthen policy support for enterprises that are rated as manufacturing individual champions. Give priority support to individual champion enterprises that apply for provincial-level technological innovation projects, major special projects, energy conservation and emission reduction projects, as well as provincial-level industrial design centers, enterprise technology centers, and quality benchmarks, and strengthen enterprise tracking and analysis Enterprises are facing outstanding problems in development, research and improve policies and measures to promote the innovation and development of individual champion enterprises in the provincial manufacturing industry. At the same time, summarize the typical experience and good practices of enterprises in the cultivation and promotion work, select a batch of typical experiences every year, and conduct demonstration and promotion through various forms such as compiling case sets, organizing training courses, holding experience exchange meetings, and enterprise on-site meetings; encourage local governments Give policy support to single champion companies; relevant industry associations should strengthen services, guide companies to carry out benchmarking, provide training and promotion diagnostic consulting services, and promote typical experiences.

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