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[China Paper] Quanlin Group boarded CCTV's "News Broadcast": Comprehensive Utilization of Straw Solves Major Problems in Heilongjiang's Ecological Construction

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On the evening of January 20, CCTV's "News Broadcast" program reported the news of "Jiamusi, Heilongjiang: Turning Straw into Treasure". Shandong Quanlin Group's "Comprehensive Utilization of Straw" model was once again successful in Heilongjiang, becoming the first in 2018. A paper-making company on CCTV's "News Broadcast.

The "Straw Comprehensive Utilization Project" of Heilongjiang Quanlin Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. effectively utilized straw resources, curbed straw burning, reduced timber felling, created a green recycling industrial chain, and realized turning waste into treasure.

At the beginning of the new year, Heilongjiang quanlin ecological agriculture co., ltd., the largest straw recycling enterprise in eastern Heilongjiang, is about to achieve the annual target of collecting and storing 600000 tons of straw, which will be processed into degradable natural color household paper, fulvic acid organic fertilizer and other products.

Xu Weirui, head of household paper workshop of Heilongjiang Quanlin Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd.

After being put into the market, it has been highly recognized by the market and is ready to release 180000 tons of production capacity in 18 years.

Jiamusi City, where Quanlin is located, is located in Sanjiang Plain. As a traditional agricultural city, 4.2 million tons of straw are produced here every year. In the past, straw treatment was the most troublesome thing after autumn harvest.

Heilongjiang Jiamusi Changfa Town Farmer Liu Gang

When straw is burned, my throat hurts. I can't plant it without burning it.

Jiamusi, HeilongjiangStrawDirector of Comprehensive Utilization Promotion Office, Si Yajuan

Reduce the amount of wood felling, straw waste into treasure, which is very environmentally friendly.

With the research and development of straw clean pulping and waste liquid fertilizer resource utilization technology, now, the main pollution component organic lignin in papermaking waste liquid can be directly converted into organic fulvic acid to make organic fertilizer, which not only extends Jiamusi's straw industry chain, but also ensures the environmental protection discharge of waste water.

Liu Desheng, Head of Environmental Protection Department of Heilongjiang Quanlin Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd.

After our environmental protection treatment technology, the chemical oxygen content can reach below 30mg/liter, which is far below the national emission standard of 90mg/liter.

The adjustment of the industrial structure has also opened up a new way for farmers to increase their income. Straw that was not wanted by big guys in the past can now be recycled at a price of 500 yuan per ton.

Du Jianyu, Chairman of Zhongcheng Agricultural Cooperative in Jiamusi, Heilongjiang Province

There are about 10,000 mu of land, increasing the income by about 700000. Now we will not burn the straw. Now the straw is all money.

In the next step, Heilongjiang Quanlin will also accelerate the industrialization utilization rate and utilization level of comprehensive utilization of straw, accelerate the construction of the second phase of the project, and transform into a green and sustainable industrial chain.

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