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Quanlin Group participated in the drafting of the national standard of "Green Product Evaluation Paper and Paper Products" and was approved for distribution.

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 12Month8On the same day, the General Administration of Quality Supervision and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China and the National Standardization Administration issued an announcement approving the release of the national standard for "Green Product Evaluation Paper and Paper Products" drafted by Quanlin Group. The standard will be from2018Year7Month1Day officially implemented.


The national standard "Green Product Evaluation Paper and Paper Products" is drafted by the Paper Standards Committee, following the principle of "high-end leadership", aiming at the industry.5%The high-end products of the company, from the four aspects of resource attributes, energy attributes, environmental attributes and quality attributes to evaluate the green products of wallpaper, household paper and paper products, including household paper including toilet paper, tissue paper, toilet paper and kitchen paper, household paper products including wet wipes, diapers (sheets, pads), sanitary napkins (pads), etc, this standard will serve as the basis for the certification of green products for wallpaper, household paper and paper products.


In order to implement the "Overall Plan for the Reform of the Ecological Civilization System", establish a unified green product system, and promote the development of green products, the General Office of the State Council last year12The Opinions on the Establishment of a Unified Green Product Standards, Certification and Labeling System were issued in January, and the "Opinions on the Establishment of a Unified Green Product Standards, Certification and Labeling System" were put forward.2020In, we initially established a system of scientific, open integration, advanced indicators, authoritative and unified green product standards, certification and labeling system to achieve the goal of integrating a class of products, one standard, one list, one certification and one label ", and formulated a series of safeguard measures and supporting policies. With the help of national favorable policies, our company actively participates in the formulation of relevant national, industry and group standards by virtue of its industrial, product green and ecological advantages, so as to build a higher dimensional competitive barrier for the development of enterprises.This year, Quanlin Group participated in the drafting of the "Green Design Product Evaluation Technical Specification for Daily Paper" group standard was released and implemented, providing an important basis for the evaluation of green design products for daily paper; the corporate standard "Water Pollutant Discharge Standard" reached international and domestic Leading level, was rated as the "leader" of Shandong Province's corporate standards ". According to statistics, Quanlin Group has presided over or participated in the formulation37national, industry and local standards. This not only strengthens Quanlin's own voice in the industry, improves the core competitiveness of enterprises, but also forces industrial transformation and upgrading, and becomes a new driving force to promote the structural adjustment of the whole industry and increase the supply of green and high-quality products.

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