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The technical achievements of Quanlin Group were selected into the National Industrial Energy-saving Technology and Equipment Recommended Catalogue.

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Recently, in order to implement the "Industrial Green Development Plan (2016-2020)" and promote the promotion and application of high-efficiency energy-saving technologies and equipment, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the State has compiled and published the "National Industrial Energy-saving Technology and Equipment Recommendation Catalog (2017)", which includes 39 items Industrial energy-saving technologies and 119 industrial energy-saving equipment. Quanlin Group's "New Technology of Straw Clean Pulping and Waste Liquid Fertilizer Resource Utilization" was successfully selected into the recommended catalog and compiled into the "National Industrial Energy Saving Technology Application Guide and Case (2017)".

According to the catalogue, the technology is suitable for energy conservation, emission reduction and comprehensive utilization of crop straw. According to the characteristics of straw fiber and its pulping, papermaking and fertilizer production, a unique pulping and papermaking technology system suitable for straw is formed. At the same time, green organic fertilizer rich in fulvic acid, potassium, sulfur and trace elements is produced, realizing energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of resources. The technology meets the market demand of energy conservation and emission reduction in China at present and in the future, with advanced energy efficiency level, good energy saving economy, remarkable economic and social benefits, and broad application prospects.

 The research and development of "new technology of straw clean pulping and waste liquid fertilizer resource utilization" of Quanlin Group began in 1998. It is a set of systematic innovative technology system covering the whole process of high-value comprehensive utilization of straw pulping and papermaking fertilizer. With the application of this technical achievement, Quanlin Group has broken through the worldwide problems of poor quality of straw pulping pulp and difficult to deal with environmental protection. On the basis of achieving environmental protection indicators better than the environmental protection standards of wood pulp in developed countries, it has developed a series of paper products with natural colors and fulvic acid fertilizers. Environmentally friendly high-end products have been constructed to form a "spring forest model" of high-value and deep utilization of straw, and realize the linkage development and a virtuous cycle of industry and agriculture, in order to solve the outstanding problems of resources, environment and agriculture, such as reducing haze, reducing forest resource felling, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving agricultural soil fertility, improving quality, increasing yield, reducing chemical fertilizers and pesticides, it provides an operable industrial scheme.

Due to the advanced technology level, remarkable economic, social and environmental benefits, and good demonstration effect, the technology won the second prize of the 2012 National Technology Invention Award, which is the highest award in the industry so far. It has been listed in the encouraged category of the Industrial structure Adjustment guidance Catalog, the list of circular economy technologies, processes and equipment encouraged by the state (the first batch), and the catalogue of low-carbon technologies promoted by the state. As a typical case, the "Quanlin Model" has been included in the "Dawn of Ecological Civilization", "Typical Cases of Circular Economy Model", and "National Comprehensive Utilization of Agricultural Products and Processing By-products" by the Central Organization Department, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Agriculture. "Typical Model" and other national case databases.

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