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Quanlin Group environmental protection standards were selected as the first batch of Shandong enterprise standard "leader"

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On July 25, the Shandong Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference to introduce the pilot work of the enterprise standard "leader" system in Shandong Province, and announced the first batch of eight enterprise standard "leaders". Quanlin Group's "Water Pollutant Discharge Standard" was successfully selected.  


In accordance with the work deployment of the National Standardization Management Committee, Shandong Province has taken the lead in launching a pilot project for the construction of the corporate standard "leader" system in the country, and combined with the implementation of the State Council's "Made in China 2025" and "Consumer Product Standards and Quality Improvement"Planning (2016-2020) and other relevant documents require that the first batch of enterprise standard "leader" identification work has been carried out in the fields of high-end equipment manufacturing, daily consumer goods, ecological and environmental protection.


It is reported that the "leader" of enterprise standards refers to the enterprise standards or group standards that all indicators are better than national standards and industry standards within the comparable range of the same kind, and the technical level or service requirements of the main indicators have reached the domestic leading or international advanced level. it can be effectively implemented and achieve significant economic, social or ecological benefits, and has an exemplary and leading role in product quality improvement and industrial transformation and upgrading.

As an innovation-driven enterprise engaged in comprehensive utilization of straw in strategic emerging industries, Quanlin Group actively plays the leading and promoting role of standards in technological innovation and industrial upgrading, and strives to promote enterprise standardization in accordance with the working idea of "standard first, standard support, and standard leading. Since 1997, Quanlin Group has continuously strengthened self-discipline, and through continuous implementation of environmental protection technology research and development and engineering construction, it has strictly formulated and practiced enterprises.Industry environmental protection standards, enterprise environmental protection indicators always run in front of national standards, in order to obtain enterprise standards.The leader "has laid a solid foundation. As early as 1997, the COD of external drainage of enterprises was controlled at about 400mg/L, 50mg/L lower than the national standard at that time. In 2003, the COD of the external drainage of the enterprise was controlled below 150 mg/L, which was close to the 2010 water pollutant discharge standard of Shandong Province 7 years in advance. In 2008, the COD of the external drainage of the enterprise was stable below 100mg/L, reaching Haihe River in Shandong Province in 2010 ahead of schedule.Discharge standards for water pollutants in river basins. At present, the COD of external drainage is stable below 30mg/L, BOD is stable below 6mg/L, SS is stable below 20mg/L, and there is no AOX detection. The water quality index is not only far ahead of national and local standards, but also better than the environmental protection standards of wood pulp in developed countries such as the European Union and the United States.

At the same time, Quanlin Group is also strict in product technology and quality standards. Due to advanced technology and leading standards, Quanlin Group has presided over or participated in the formulation of 35 national, industrial and local standards. This not only strengthens Quanlin's own voice in the industry, improves the core competitiveness of the enterprise, but also forces the transformation and upgrading of the paper industry, which has become a new driving force to promote the structural adjustment and technological upgrading of the whole industry.

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