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When Heilongjiang Governor Lu Hao went to Heilongjiang Quanlin Company for investigation, he stressed that accelerating the replication and expansion of the "Quanlin Model" would contribute more to solving Heilongjiang's agricultural and environmental problems.

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On the afternoon of July 28, Heilongjiang Governor Lu Hao and his party visited Heilongjiang Quanlin Company for investigation. Jiamusi Municipal Party Committee Secretary Xu Jianguo, Jiamusi Mayor Guo Jiping, Deputy Mayor Tian Yu, and Group Chairman and General Manager Li Hongfa accompanied the investigation.

Lu Hao and his party visited the company's raw material yard, thermal power plant, pulping workshop, papermaking workshop and company exhibition hall. In the pulping workshop, Lu Hao looked and asked, and got a detailed understanding of the company's straw collection and storage mode, scale, price, straw native pulp production technology, cost, profit, etc. He highly affirmed the advanced nature of Quanlin's intensive straw collection and storage system and straw clean pulping technology, and put forward valuable opinions on popularizing high-end collection and storage machinery, improving collection and storage efficiency, and saving collection and storage costs.

     In the exhibition hall of the company, Governor Lu Hao watched the whole process of straw preparation, pulping, papermaking and fertilizer production through real-time monitoring, got an overall understanding of the company's production and environmental protection technology, and visited the leading products such as fulvic acid fertilizer and natural color series paper products on site. In front of the product booth, Lu Hao marveled that a small straw could produce such a dazzling array of products. He couldn't help stopping to watch carefully and asking carefully. Especially when he heard that "Quanlin True Color" household paper is not bleached, does not contain dioxin, has low-carbon environmental protection characteristics and food-grade safety performance; Quanlin "Jiayou" fulvic acid fertilizer is a high-tech product. When it has significant effects in promoting agricultural quality and production, chemical fertilizer and pesticide reduction, and soil improvement, he nodded again and again, praising Quanlin for transforming the waste crop straw resources into a series of high-end products with high added value and high-end, the small straw has been made into a big industry, and the high value-added and full-effect utilization of straw resources has been realized.

At the end of the visit, Lu Hao highly affirmed the comprehensive utilization mode of spring forest straw. He pointed out that the Quanlin straw comprehensive utilization project is not only a project, but also a strategic industry. It not only eats dry straw and creates higher value, but also solves the pollution of straw burning, the reduction of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and the safety of food and soil. Other outstanding environmental and agricultural problems have significant economic and social benefits. Finally, he placed ardent hopes on Quanlin, encouraged Quanlin to make scientific planning, rational layout, speed up the pace of enterprise development, and replicate and build factories in more areas with rich straw production. in order to solve the problems of comprehensive utilization of straw in Heilongjiang, black land protection, agricultural quality improvement, weight loss and efficiency, and contribute more to the promotion of sustainable economic and social development.

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