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Wang Junmin went to Quanlin Group to investigate and emphasize the wider application of fulvic acid to benefit more people.

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On July 8, Wang Junmin, deputy leader of the rural work leading group of Shandong provincial Party committee, went to Quanlin group to investigate the development of Quanlin straw comprehensive utilization industry.

At the general discharge of Quanlin Environmental Protection, Wang Junmin learned in detail about the environmental protection treatment of Quanlin. The ecological scenes of swaying green grass, shallow koi swimming and wild ducks playing surprised him. He took out his mobile phone to take photos from time to time. After learning that the environmental protection index of Quanlin was better than the environmental protection standard of wood pulp in developed countries, he repeatedly praised: "Your environmental protection is very good!"

Wang Junmin also visited Quanlin fertilizer production workshop and exhibition hall on the spot, and got a detailed understanding of Quanlin straw comprehensive utilization industry and leading products such as fulvic acid and natural color paper. When he saw a dazzling array of natural color paper products and learned that the supply of products was in short supply, Wang Junmin was very happy. He pointed out that Quanlin natural color paper products, especially food packaging paper, have a very broad market prospect and have a bright future. Quanlin should make full use of the advantages of technological research and development, further strengthen the intensive processing of natural color paper products, cultivate and expand industrial chain clusters, and win a larger market in future competition.

During the visit, Wang Junmin focused on the production and application of fulvic acid fertilizer in Quanlin "Jiayou. He pointed out that fulvic acid is a high-tech product, which plays a significant role in solving the key problems of rural agriculture, such as agricultural non-point source pollution control, increasing production and quality, reducing chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and soil improvement. It is of great significance to promote the resource utilization of agricultural waste in China and promote the sustainable development of agriculture. In view of the popularization and application of fulvic acid, he demanded that the city and county governments should play an active role, do a good job in the application demonstration of fulvic acid in fields and cash crops, form a typical experience to promote step by step, and realize the wider application of fulvic acid. really let the broad masses of people benefit from it.


Finally, Wang Junmin stressed that replacing the old mode of production and traditional products with new technologies, new formats and new models is the transformation of new and old kinetic energy advocated by our country. Quanlin's current mode of production is in line with the connotation of the transformation of new and old kinetic energy. The production technology is advanced, the industrial model is mature, the added value of products is high, and the market potential is huge. And it has multiple social benefits such as ecological and environmental protection, economic development, food and food safety, it is worth vigorously promoting. He encouraged Quanlin to adhere to the green mode of production, further do a good job in product production and marketing, continue to extend the industrial chain, promote the construction of new projects, expand the scale of production, quickly seize the market, and achieve faster and better development.

Liaocheng Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Mayor Song Junji, Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary Chen Ping; Gaotang County Party Committee Secretary Zhang Ying, Deputy Secretary and County Mayor Liu Kuizhong; Quanlin Group Chairman and General Manager Li Hongfa, Administrative Deputy General Manager Ren Lihua and other accompanying activities.

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