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Quanlin Group Selected as Key Cultivation List of Shandong Centennial Brand Enterprises

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6Month 21On the 2nd, the first 2017 Shandong Centennial Brand Forum and China Industrial Brand Tour Shandong Station organized by the Shandong Provincial Government was grandly held in Shandong Mansion. At the meeting, the implementation plan of Shandong's century-old brand enterprise cultivation project and the list of key cultivation enterprises were released. Quanlin Group was successfully selected into the list of Shandong's century-old brand key cultivation enterprises to be strong brands.

Shandong Centennial Brand Key Cultivation Enterprise 60One of the most powerful brands

This time, the province has a total of 182Enterprises were selected as the key cultivation objects of Shandong century-old brand enterprises. Among them, the promotion of old brand echelon includes 3 enterprises, the strong brand echelon includes 60 enterprises, and the cultivation of characteristic brand echelon includes 119 enterprises.


The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Economic and Information Commission revealed that Shandong Province will concentrate its efforts to strengthen support for key cultivation enterprises, and provide priority for the province's new round of key technological transformation projects, provincial innovation platform construction projects, and intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects., National-level quality benchmarking and brand cultivation demonstration enterprises; joint financial institutions to carry out financial innovation, explore the establishment of brand development funds and other support policies, and accelerate the improvement of brand core competitiveness.

Shandong Province, a century of enterprise brand culture exhibition 40One of the excellent enterprises in the province

This Shandong Station event also held a century-old corporate brand culture exhibition in Jinan Baihuazhou antique building complex, with the theme of "Passed Time, Eternal Brand", with a selection of 40The province's outstanding enterprises to focus on display, Quanlin Group was invited to participate in the exhibition.

During this period, Deputy Director Sha Nansheng of the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and his entourage visited the company's booth and learned in detail about the development of Quanlin Group, the content of "Quanlin Model" and the "Quanlin" series of paper products, "Jiayou" fulvic acid fertilizer and other products. He praised: "This model has high economic benefits, great social significance, and healthy and environmentally friendly products, which is very good."

"China Industrial Brand Tour" is a public welfare, national industrial brand exchange activity guided by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The purpose is to dig deeper into outstanding industrial brands, exchange brand building experience, promote the formation of brand awareness in the whole society, and better display the "Made in China" brand image. The activities include brand lecture hall, experience exchange, visiting and learning, brand communication and other forms. 600 from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, relevant departments and industry associations of Shandong Province, municipal economic and information commissions, key brand cultivation enterprises in Shandong, and pilot demonstration enterprises of brand cultivation of the Ministry of Industry and Information TechnologyMore people participated in this activity.

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Tranlin Group

Tranlin Group

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Quanlin Jiayou fertilizer

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Tranlin True Color

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