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Quanlin Group won the "China Light Industry Paper Industry Top Ten Enterprises" "China Light Industry Top 100 Enterprises"

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6Month 15The fourth meeting of the Fourth Council of China Paper Association (enlarged) was held in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province. 2016 were honored at the meetingAnnual China Light Industry Paper Line, Quanlin Group was awarded the "2016 China Light Industry Paper Top Ten Enterprises".


6Month 20On the same day, the "Smart Light Industry Summit Forum and China's Top 100 Light Industry Enterprises Award Ceremony" hosted by the China National Light Industry Council was held at the Beijing Workers' Home. The General Assembly issued the "2016In the annual honorary list of China's top 100 light industry enterprises, Quanlin Group was once again selected as one of China's top 100 light industry enterprises, ranking 28th in total.

The award ceremony of China's top 100 light industry enterprises is an important annual activity of China Light Industry Federation, which has high authority and wide influence. It is reported that the list of "China's top 100 light industry enterprises" is an authoritative list to evaluate the competitiveness of light industry enterprises, and also an important standard to measure the development vitality of China's light industry enterprises.


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Tranlin Group

Tranlin Group

Quanlin Jiayou Fertilizer

Quanlin Jiayou fertilizer

Tranlin True Color

Tranlin True Color

Quanju Ecological Agriculture Technology

Quanju Ecological Agriculture Technology


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