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Small straw gave birth to a trillion industry "spring forest model" value is recognized

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6On March 15-16, the China Environmental Protection Industry Association organized a seminar on sustainable rural environmental protection operation and management mechanism ". The main purpose of the meeting is to implement the key work deployment of the Ministry of environmental protection in 2017, promote the pilot work of resource utilization of rural organic waste, reduce agricultural non-point source pollution, strengthen the typical guidance, experience promotion and supply and demand docking of rural environmental governance, and explore a large-scale, professional and socialized sustainable rural environmental protection operation and management mechanism. The meeting was divided into two parts: one was to hold a seminar in Beijing to discuss and analyze the current situation of rural environmental protection, and to share typical cases and advanced technologies of rural organic waste resource utilization; the second was on-site visits and discussions, to visit Quanlin Group The construction of Quanlin straw collection and storage system and the development of straw comprehensive utilization industry, and held a special symposium.

At the seminar, as a typical case of government-enterprise cooperation in the comprehensive utilization of rural waste, Jia Minghao, deputy general manager of Quanlin Group's production, introduced in detail the practice of Quanlin Group in the construction of a three-level network system for straw collection, transformation and utilization with the title of "Strict Standards Shaping Industry Environmental Protection Model New Model Helping Green Ecological Agriculture.

Director of the Department of Water Environment Management of the Ministry of Environmental Protection Zhang Bo attended the seminar and made a concluding speech. He emphasized that to solve rural environmental problems and establish a sustainable rural environmental protection operation and management mechanism, the direction is to do a good job of "using" articles,The key is to establish a three-level network system of collection, transformation and utilization. It is the objective need of water pollution prevention and control to find a path for rural non-point source pollution control by establishing a sustainable rural environmental protection management mechanism. At the same time, the establishment of a sustainable rural environmental protection operation mechanism is also an inevitable requirement for building a well-off society in an all-round way.

Director Zhang Bo highly affirmed the typical significance and promotion value of the "Spring Forest Model. he pointed out that doing a good job in rural environmental protection,It is also an important aspect of the supply-side structural reform. The country produces about 0.9 billion tons of straw every year. If half of it is used efficiently, the annual output value can reach 3 trillion yuan according to the straw utilization value of Quanlin Group. Rural environmental protection is changing from a potential market to a real market, which is huge and in the ascendant.

16On the 15th, the participants visited the 1,000-ton straw spot in xiailiuzhuang, the general environmental protection outlet, the constructed wetland, the fertilizer exhibition hall, the paper-making workshop 9, the group exhibition hall, the quanju farm and other places on the spot, and held symposiums with relevant leaders of Liaocheng city, Gaotang county and the company.


At the symposium, Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of the company, systematically introduced the important role of the "Spring Forest Model" in solving many national economy and people's livelihood issues such as rural non-point source pollution, ecological agriculture construction, and food source safety. Wang Dongqing, vice president of China Environmental Protection Industry Association, spoke highly of the "spring forest model". He sighed: "I am engaged in environmental protection work 40For many years, I have seen countless enterprises, and today I came to Quanlin to open my eyes. This is a very mature straw comprehensive utilization model, great promotion value and reference value."


Representatives of some pilot counties had in-depth exchanges with Chairman Li Hongfa on the situation and needs of local rural environmental protection, and warmly invited Quanlin to invest in local factories and straw collection and storage to help solve the problem of local agricultural waste pollution.

Li Lei, deputy director of the Water Environment Management Department of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, highly affirmed the industrial value and significance of the "Quanlin Model" in the summary of the meeting. She pointed out that the issue of environmental protection in rural areas is an important part of realizing a well-off society in rural areas, and the central government will issue a series of policies and documents in its future work to strengthen the rectification of environmental protection in rural areas. She emphasized that Quanlin Group has achieved relatively successful experience in the construction of a three-level network for straw collection, transformation, and utilization in rural areas, which is of great significance to natural ecology and rural environmental protection.

Leaders of the Water Environment Management Department of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, relevant personnel of the Environmental Protection Department of Zhejiang, Shandong, Henan, Hubei, and Sichuan Province, the national rural organic waste resource utilization pilot county government and environmental protection, agriculture and other related parts of the person in charge, typical enterprise representatives total 100More people attended the meeting.

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