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Quanlin Group's 3 billion yuan Green Project Revenue Bonds Approved to be Issued

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5Month11On the same day, the National Development and Reform Commission approved the non-public offering of Quanlin Group.30Billions of yuan green project revenue bonds. This is2015After the issuance of the National Green Bond Issuance Guidelines in 2010, the proceeds of the first green project in the country were approved for issuance.Bonds.

The green project revenue bonds issued by Quanlin Group are issued by its subsidiary Heilongjiang Quanlin Ecological Agriculture Co.7In the year, Haitong Securities, the lead underwriter, and Guobai Securities, the distributor, formed an underwriting syndicate to underwrite the balance, and all the funds raised will be used for the second phase of the Heilongjiang Quanlin project-annual processing.350Tons of straw comprehensive utilization project construction. The projectUsing crop straw as raw material, the natural color series of paper products and fulvic acid fertilizer are produced, which realizes the high value-added and full-effect utilization of straw resources.After the completion of the project, it will greatly reduce environmental pollution such as straw burning, haze, greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and promote agriculture.Solve the problems of improving soil fertility, improving quality, increasing yield, reducing chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

As an innovative corporate bond, green project revenue bonds mainly evaluate the environmental benefits and future returns of projects. The first green project income bond spent on spring forest, fully reflects the National Development and Reform Commission's high recognition of the economic and environmental benefits of the "spring forest model", and its strong support for the construction of the spring forest straw comprehensive utilization project.

The approval of the issuance of green project income bonds is an important breakthrough for Quanlin Group's direct financing in the capital market. It not only reduces financing costs, broadens financing channels, and provides financial guarantee for enterprise project construction, but also for the "Quanlin Model". The national capital market has played a huge publicity role, and it has rapidly promoted Quanlin Group's nationwide deployment of comprehensive straw utilization projects to achieve annual processing5000The strategic goal of ten thousand tons of straw has important strategic significance.

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