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2017 Annual Meeting of Shandong Paper Industry Held in Quanlin Group

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From April 24 to 25, the 2017 annual meeting of Shandong paper industry was held in Quanlin hotel. The meeting was co-sponsored by Shandong Paper Industry Association, Quanlin Group, and China Metallurgical Paper Industry Yinhe Co., Ltd., Zhao Wei, Chairman of China Paper Association, Wang Zefeng, Chairman of Shandong Paper Industry Association, and Wang Huizhong, Deputy County Mayor of Gaotang County, attended the meeting And made important speeches, and six units including Quanlin Group made typical speeches.

At the meeting, Ren Lihua, deputy general manager of Quanlin Group, delivered a welcome speech. Zhao Wei, chairman of the China Paper Association, made an important speech on the current development of the paper industry, environmental protection, and resource utilization. Wang Zefeng, President of Shandong paper industry association, made a theme report on "deepening supply side structural reform, making Shandong paper industry bigger and stronger", summarizing the current situation and trend of Shandong paper industry in 2016, analyzing the development characteristics of the industry, and proposing the development ideas of the industry in 2017. When talking about the diversified development of the industry and the transformation of the industrial structure, he repeatedly analyzed Quanlin Group a as a typical case, emphasizing that "Quanlin people stick to the clean pulping of straw and build a unique development model of Quanlin circular economy based on the comprehensive utilization of crop straw ...... Green, environmentally friendly, low-carbon and healthy 'Quanlin Color' pulp and paper is well-known at home and abroad, leading the development trend of domestic natural pulp and paper, change the concept of paper consumption."

In the typical experience exchange, Jia Minghao, deputy general manager of production of Quanlin Group, introduced the independent innovation of Quanlin. He stressed that the comprehensive utilization industry of Quanlin straw has achieved win-win economic, social and environmental benefits, which is highly in line with the country's five development concepts of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing". It is of great significance to promote the development of the paper industry.

The meeting announced the "2016 Shandong Paper Industry's Top Ten Enterprises and Top Ten Enterprises" recognized by the Shandong Paper Industry Association Council, and awarded the license. Quanlin Group won the title of "Top Ten Enterprises in Shandong Paper Industry in 2016.

During the meeting, the participants also visited the Quanlin Group wetland, the general environmental protection outlet, the 100,000-ton cultural paper production line, and the product exhibition hall. The ecological scenes of green grass swaying, koi shallow swimming and wild ducks playing, the unique and dazzling series of paper products of natural colors make everyone marvel and stop to watch and study.

More than 200 persons in charge of paper industry associations in Jiangsu, Henan, Sichuan, Fujian, Hubei and other provinces and cities, and representatives of pulp, paper and equipment enterprises such as Chenming, Huatai, Sun, Bohui, Ruizhong and Jingjin attended the meeting.

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