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State Ministry of Agriculture straw comprehensive utilization pilot project evaluation team to Heilongjiang spring forest research

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3Month 23Day, the evaluation team of the straw comprehensive utilization pilot project of the Ministry of Agriculture, Xu Wenhao, deputy director of the Energy Ecology Department of the Science and Education Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, and his party went to Heilongjiang Quanlin Company to investigate the comprehensive utilization of straw, accompanied by Xiu Guohui, leader of Heilongjiang Agricultural Committee, and Yang Jihui, general manager of Heilongjiang Quanlin Company.

Xu Wenhao and his party inspected the centralized control room, pulping workshop, fertilizer workshop and household paper workshop of Heilongjiang Quanlin Company's factory area, and got a detailed understanding of the development of straw comprehensive utilization industry in Heilongjiang Quanlin Company. At the forum, Yang Jihui introduced in detail the industrial, technological and product advantages of Heilongjiang Quanlin Company's straw comprehensive utilization project, the progress of project construction, and the social, environmental and economic benefits it produces.

Xu Wenhao fully affirmed the comprehensive utilization of straw in Heilongjiang Quanlin Company. He pointed out that the Ministry of Agriculture attaches great importance to and recognition of the spring forest straw comprehensive utilization project. The project relies on independent innovation, using agricultural waste.SmallStraw to create an ecological cycleBigindustry, realize the large-scale and high value-added deep utilization of straw, and push the comprehensive utilization of straw to a new height, which is worthy of vigorous research and promotion. It is hoped that local governments will do a good job of support and guidance, promote the rapid development of enterprises, and makespring forest modelBenefit more people.

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