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Changchun Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government Leaders Investigate Quande Company

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3Month 21Day, Changchun Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Mayor Liu Changlong, Deputy Mayor Jia Xiaodong and his entourage went to Quande Company to investigate the comprehensive utilization of straw, Dehui Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zuo Yi, Mayor Hezhe, Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee and Deputy Mayor Bai Songwei, Quande Company General Manager Song Jianjun and other accompanying activities.

Song Jianjun, general manager of Quande Company, reported in detail the development of Quanlin straw comprehensive utilization circular economy industry, its extensive social significance, and the construction of Dehui straw comprehensive utilization project.

Liu Changlong highly affirmed the economic, social and environmental benefits of the spring forest straw comprehensive utilization project. He emphasized that the comprehensive utilization of straw is a major event that the Party Central Committee attaches great importance to the country and the people, and it is of positive significance to my country's environmental improvement, ecological protection, and sustainable utilization of resources. As a pioneer in this field, Quande Company has played a leading role in the industry with technology leadership, model first, and benefit first. It is hoped that Quande Company will quickly become the strongest, assume greater ecological and social responsibilities, and make greater contributions to regional social and economic development. contribution.

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Tranlin Group

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