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A delegation of experts from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences visited Quanlin Jiayou Fertilizer Company.

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3January 5-6On the same day, Zeng Xibai, researcher of the Institute of Agricultural Environment and Sustainable Development of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, chief expert on medium and low yield improvement and soil heavy metal pollution remediation in pedology, Lu Fengjun, professor of the School of Economics and Management of China Agricultural University, and Li Yongtao, vice president of the School of Resources and Environment of South China Agricultural University, led an expert group of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences to visit Quanlin Jiayou Fertilizer Company. The expert group and his party visited the group's general environmental protection outlet, constructed wetland, group exhibition hall, household paper workshop, fulvic acid fertilizer exhibition hall and other places successively, and learned in detail about the development mode and leading products of Quanlin straw comprehensive utilization industry.

At the symposium, the expert group highly praised the "Quanlin Model" and Quanlinjia fulvic acid products. Zeng Xibai pointed out that the current straw treatment methods implemented in my country's agriculture, such as mechanical crushing and returning to the field, producing edible fungus raw materials, and processing green and stored fodder, have many drawbacks, and they cannot fundamentally solve the problem of comprehensive utilization of straw. Different, it realizes the high-value, large-scale, industrialized, and ecological utilization of straw, which is a typical circular economy, especially the development of straw to produce fulvic acid, it is of great significance to promote the development of modern ecological agriculture in China.

Lu Fengjun compared the development of spring forest with the results of taking root, strengthening dry branches and flourishing branches. He pointed out that spring forest is deeply rooted in resources, environment and ecology, with characteristics and background. Being strong in science and technology, management and service has advantages and values. Branches are rich in brand, platform and capital, with influence and core. Ye Mao is in policy, market and alliance, with scale and environment. Fruits are based on talents, culture and models, there is connotation, there is soul. Quanlin has gone through the stage of survival than development, which is more important than development, and is moving towards the stage of deployment and layout, which is more important than excellence. Speaking of the development of the fulvic acid industry, he pointed out that fulvic acid is a product with great market potential and outstanding social benefits. He hopes that Quanlin will make full use of existing resources and advantages to further accelerate the research and development and promotion of fulvic acid, and expand and strengthen the fulvic acid industry. Make greater contributions to my country's social and economic development and environmental protection.

Li Yongtao praised that the development of enterprises should not only pursue economic benefits, but also social and ecological benefits. Quanlin is such an enterprise with social value and responsibility. Other experts have also expressed high hopes for the development of Quanlin circular economy industry model, and put forward specific suggestions for fulvic acid technology research and industrial development.

Huang Hongxing, Operation Director of Quanlin Jiayou Fertilizer Company, Guo Liangjin, General Manager of Production and Research, and Yang Maofeng, Deputy General Manager of Technology, accompanied the activities.

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