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Problem-oriented, clear goals, grasp key points, and fully promote the realization of corporate strategic goals

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On February 3 (the 7th day of the first month), Quanlin Group organized the 2017 work conference to summarize the development of enterprises in 2016, analyze the current development opportunities and challenges, and deploy the management of enterprises in 2017. The meeting requested that all levels and departments must adhere to the problem-oriented, clear goals, grasp the key points, and make every effort to promote the realization of corporate strategic goals. The meeting was presided over by Ren Lihua, deputy general manager of the group, Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of the group, made an important speech, and the heads of some systems and sub-branches made speeches at the meeting.

The meeting first read outGaotang county government congratulatory message. The congratulatory message said that in 2016, in the face of the severe and complex economic situation at home and abroad, Quanlin Group closely focused on the annual development goals, seized the opportunity, concentrated its efforts, and the total scale reached a new level again, in order to stimulate the rapid economic growth of the county. It has made outstanding contributions, especially the creation and promotion of the Quanlin circular economy development model across the country, which won the honor for Gaotang and won the support and affirmation of leaders at all levels. I wish Quanlin Group a prosperous and brilliant career!

At the meeting, the speakers respectively summarized the work of the unit in 2016, deeply analyzed the problems existing in the work, and put forward specific work ideas and measures to solve these problems and complete the 2017 goals and tasks.

Chairman Li Hongfa highly affirmed the work achievements of each unit, thanked all employees for their contributions to the development of Quanlin, and made a key exposition on the strategic objectives of enterprise development in the light of the national economic and policy environment. He pointed out that the company's short-term strategic goal is to achieve an annual processing of 50 million tons of straw by 2020, with an annual output of 20 million tons of straw natural pulp and 20 million tons of fulvic acid. This will achieve sales income of more than 300 billion yuan, create more than 100000 direct jobs, increase grain production by more than 200 billion jin, and increase farmers' income by more than 300 billion yuan. to provide people with high-quality green organic agricultural products such as grain, fruits, vegetables, tea, Chinese herbal medicine and other high-quality green organic products that meet international quality standards, it also plays a prominent role in reducing straw burning, haze reduction, chemical fertilizer reduction, pesticide reduction, deforestation reduction, carbon emission reduction and soil improvement. He stressed that the strategic objectives of enterprise development are highly in line with the national agriculture, environment, resources and many other hot issues and policy dividends, and have achieved important phased results, and have won the full trust and support of all sectors of society, especially the government and strategic partners. this provides a solid platform for the group's industry to become bigger and stronger, and also provides a broad platform for entrepreneurship and innovation for all Quanlin people.


Finally, Chairman Li Hongfa made arrangements for the group's 2017 goals and tasks and put forward specific work requirements. He emphasized that 2017 is an important node for Quanlin to achieve its development strategic goals. Managers at all levels must focus on corporate strategic planning, be problem-oriented, clarify goals, grasp key points, and make every effort to promote the realization of corporate strategic goals; all Quanlin people must uphold The down-to-earth, entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of Quanlin, firm faith, keep forging ahead, and jointly build Quanlin's great cause of benefiting the country, the private and the enterprise.

At the meeting, Vice President Ren Lihua also announced the "Eight Regulations of Quanlin Group on Zhengfeng and Discipline", requiring senior and middle-level managers of the company to consciously abide by them, take the lead in setting an example, and create a clean and healthy enterprise development environment and atmosphere under the above rate. He called on all employees to deeply understand, fully implement the spirit of the meeting, adhere to the problem-oriented, focus on the goal, focus on the key points, establish a correct style, emancipate the mind, pioneer and innovate, and make every effort to build a development platform for the Quanlin model, and work hard to achieve the grand goals of Quanlin.



More than 500 middle-level and above cadres from various systems and sub-branches of Quanlin Group, representatives of marketing business and production workshops attended the meeting.

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