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Li Lei, deputy director of the Water Environment Management Department of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and his party went to Quanlin Group for investigation.

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From February 21st to 22nd, Li Lei, deputy director of the Water Environment Management Department of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and his entourage, accompanied by Ge Weiyan, deputy director of the Shandong Provincial Environmental Protection Department, went to Quanlin Group to investigate the comprehensive utilization of straw. Hong Yuzhen, deputy mayor of Liaocheng City, Zhang Ying, secretary of the Gaotang County Party Committee, Liu Kuizhong, deputy secretary of the Gaotang County Party Committee and county magistrate, Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of Quanlin Group, and Jia Minghao, deputy general manager of production, accompanied the investigation.

Li Lei and his entourage successively made on-the-spot inspections of Quanlin straw collection and storage point, environmental protection general discharge port, fertilizer exhibition hall, 600000 tons of pulp project, household paper workshop, 100000 tons of cultural paper workshop, group exhibition hall, etc., and got a detailed understanding of the development mode and leading products of Quanlin straw comprehensive utilization industry.The research group highly praised the construction of spring forest straw collection and storage network, efficient comprehensive utilization of straw, and environmental protection water treatment. Li Lei pointed out that the "Spring Forest Model" is a brand-new green and ecological sustainable development model. The raw materials are inexhaustible and inexhaustible straw. After clean production, they are returned to the farmland in the form of fulvic acid fertilizer. Rural organic waste resources and large-scale recycling have also solved many outstanding problems in the environment, resources and agriculture, such as straw burning, carbon emission reduction, agricultural quality improvement and production, and efficiency reduction of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

At the symposium, Li Lei highly affirmed the environmental, economic and social benefits and promotion value of the "Quanlin Model. She pointed out that rural environmental governance is an important part of building a well-off society in an all-round way. The state attaches great importance to it and has successively introduced a series of policies and measures. The Ministry of Environmental Protection conducted a survey on the resource utilization of rural organic waste, mainly to implement the national strategic deployment, understand the good practices and experiences of local governments and enterprises, help solve problems, and promote them. The "Quanlin Model" has advanced and mature technology and equipment, strong industrialization, high added value of products, and large market space. At the same time, it can systematically solve many resource and environmental problems, which is highly in line with the direction of the national rural environmental protection policy and government support, the main body of the enterprise, and the market-oriented operation. The requirements are of great typical significance and worthy of vigorous promotion.

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