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Quanlin Group reached strategic cooperation with New Henderson Group and Huarong Tianze Company

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1Month 7In the afternoon, Quanlin Group reached a strategic cooperation with Hong Kong New Henderson International (Group) Co., Ltd. and Huarong Tianze Investment Co., Ltd. and signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. Gao Jingde, deputy director of the CPPCC Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports Committee and chairman of the board of directors of Xinhengji Group, Comrade Wang Lianduan of the CPPCC Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese Bureau, Song Junji, deputy secretary of the municipal government, Gao Hongyan, secretary of the county party committee, Zhang Ying, deputy secretary of the county party committee, Liu Kuizhong, secretary of the county party committee, li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of Quanlin Group, attended the signing ceremony. Liu Kuizhong presided over the signing ceremony.



In his speech, Song Junji introduced the development of Liaocheng City and Quanlin Group. He said that Quanlin Group is a representative enterprise in Liaocheng's industrial transformation and upgrading. The independent research and development of straw natural pulp products and fulvic acid fertilizer have built a new mode of comprehensive utilization of characteristic resources, which has good economic and ecological benefits. New Henderson Group and Huarong Tianze Company have strong financing and capital operation capabilities. It is hoped that all parties will take this signing as an opportunity to continuously innovate cooperation forms, broaden cooperation areas, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

In her speech, Zhang Ying pointed out that in recent years, Gaotang County has vigorously developed ecological circular economy and cultivated and strengthened the enterprise group represented by Quanlin Group. Quanlin Group is the first batch of national circular economy pilot units and national innovative enterprises. It is an important pillar enterprise in Gaotang County and one of the two hundred billion industry implementation enterprises in Gaotang. It has contributed to the sound and rapid development of social economy. Outstanding contribution. This time, Quanlin Group, New Henderson Group, and Huarong Tianze Company will combine their respective advantageous resources, establish a strategic partnership, and work together to promote the promotion and replication of the "Quanlin Model", and truly achieve a strong alliance, which will surely create an impact The huge world-class strategic emerging industries have made great contributions to regional economic development, modern ecological agriculture development, and even the green and sustainable development of China and the world.

Gao Jingde spoke highly of the Quanlin model. He pointed out that the comprehensive utilization industry of spring forest straw plays a great role in solving environmental pollution such as straw burning and haze, soil stranding, plastic film pollution, chemical fertilizer and pesticide reduction, and food source safety. He hopes that all parties will unite sincerely and jointly promote the rapid promotion of the "Quanlin model" throughout the country, and finally build Quanlin into a global and world-class transnational agricultural and biological industry group, so that the wisdom of the Chinese people can contribute to the world.

Jia Weiguo, assistant general manager of Huarong Tianze Company, expressed good wishes for the cooperation between the two sides.

In this strategic cooperation, all parties will focus on promoting the rapid and long-term development of Quanlin straw comprehensive utilization industry through strong alliance and sharing of advantageous resources, and implement a package of solutions in terms of capital demand, capital operation, market development, policy striving and long-term industrial development of Quanlin Group. Provide 300 to Quanlin through debt financing, equity cooperation, industrial development fund, industry orientation incubation fund cooperation, etc.About 100 million yuan of funds to solve the short-term and medium-and long-term development capital needs of enterprises; increase the promotion of "Quanlin model" and fulvic acid products, and obtain more industrial and financial policy support. On the basis of the above cooperation, according to the long-term plan of Quanlin Group, we will formulate practical and stable private equity financing and public offering and listing plans, and steadily promote the listing of enterprises.

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