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Chief Baggage Chang of CDB and his party went to Quanlin Group for research.

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On December 6, Li Huanchang, director of the Credit Administration Bureau of the head office of the China Development Bank, came to Quanlin Group in our county to investigate the operation and future cooperation of Quanlin Group. Song Junji, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Zhong Xiaolong, President of the Shandong Branch of the China Development Bank, Gao Hongyan, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, Zhang Ying, Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee and County Mayor, Liu Jixing, Member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, and Han Zimin, Deputy County Mayor, Chairman and General Manager Li Hongfa accompanied the event.

Li Huanchang and his party made on-the-spot visits to Quanlin's general discharge port, 600000-ton pulp project, household paper workshop, Hongkang packaging and 100000-ton cultural paper workshop, and listened to the introduction of the enterprise's project progress and production and operation.

At the forum, Song Jun first extended a warm welcome to Li Huchang and his party. He pointed out that CDB has always stood at the strategic height of better serving the transformation and upgrading of the country and benefiting mankind, and has regarded Quanlin Group as a strategic customer that can drive the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and deserves long-term focus. Quanlin Group is the world's largest straw comprehensive utilization enterprise with crop straw as raw material and natural series of paper products and fulvic acid fertilizer as the leading products. It has strong technical strength. After years of independent innovation, the enterprise has transformed from a traditional paper enterprise to a straw comprehensive utilization industrial model. The "Quanlin Model" has multiple industrial characteristics such as comprehensive utilization of resources, green environmental protection, and integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries. The industrial advantages and product markets are very good. It is a key industry encouraged by national policies. It is hoped that China Development Bank and Quanlin Group can be in a wider range. Carry out cooperation in a wider field, a larger scope, and a deeper level to create a better future.



Li Huachang said that the China Development Bank will further give full play to the role of financial and credit departments in promoting economic and social development, constantly expand the field of financing, actively explore cooperation models, and strive to help solve financing problems such as poverty alleviation and project construction. to make more contributions to promoting the sound and rapid economic and social development of Gaotang in Liaocheng. Today, through field research, Quanlin Group has a deeper understanding and understanding of its independent core technology, mature operation mode, good market brand and broad development space, and has made a deeper understanding of its contribution to the development of circular economy. the next step will be to further closely contact with Quanlin Group, strengthen cooperation between banks and enterprises, and rely on the advantages of the development of the "Quanlin model" to carry out all-round cooperation. Provide more services for the development of enterprises.

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