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All 2017 set sail

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Looking back at the 2016, is moved, is wonderful, is heroic. Looking back, it is the Huafa that business leaders overcome difficulties and persevere in advancing under the downward pressure of the economy; it is the back of more than 10,000 Quanlin people who have worked hard in the process of Quanlin; it is the national policy in the east wind. The multiple opportunities of the comprehensive utilization industry and the broad prospects of leading products such as fulvic acid.

This year, spring forest technology fruitful branches. Selected in the "National Key Promotion of Low-Carbon Technology Catalog", won the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" National Light Industry Science and Technology Innovation Advanced Collective, on the list of the first batch of 15 key core technology intellectual property rights in Shandong Province, was awarded the industry standardization work advanced enterprises ...... The spirit of innovation, which has been passed down for 40 years, has burst out a strong driving force for the sustainable development of enterprises.

This year, spring forest products bloom for the second time. The demand for household paper was in short supply, with sales 38 million on the 11th of the month and an increase of more than half throughout the year. Fulvic acid fertilizer blossomed everywhere, the government laid out the province's experimental demonstration and promotion, the key procurement of national projects such as black land protection, and the cooperation of large platforms such as the northern wilderness, central agriculture, western Shandong and other large platforms to open up new space for development. Food packaging is growing at a high speed, and domestic and the same time,Through the BRC global standard certification to add tickets to the international market; cultural paper against the market up, teaching materials and teaching aids share of steady growth, the evaluation of green raw and auxiliary materials to expand the market ...... unique differentiation advantages and ecological value of the spring forest straw products, into the marketing fast lane.

This year, the "spring forest model" is famous in the Quartet. In the footage of the Central News Network, in front of the round table of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference biweekly meeting, on the podium of the first China Ecological Civilization Award, under the spotlight of the China Summit on Achieving Sustainable Development Goals ...... The spring forest industry model, which has been honed for 15 years, has broken the cocoon and turned into a butterfly, highlighting the industrial value that has attracted attention and admiration from all walks of life.

This year, the spring forest management precision upgrade. Coordinate the implementation of policies to accelerate the layout of brand marketing, innovation to dig deep to reduce the potential of quality, diversified financing to strengthen the level of capital operation, enrich the product structure to broaden the benefit growth point, speed up the construction of projects to achieve new production capacity, deepen the application of big data to promote lean intelligent management ...... Tackling tough problems and changes have become the most moving voice of Quanlin.

But its hard, more courageous; but its steadfast, precious; but its progress, full of pride. Through the 2016 of heavy colors, our foundation has become more solid, our strength has been further condensed, and our direction has become more firm.

Facing the new dawn, 2017 is coming head-on, which will be an extraordinary and important node in the development of Quanlin. The straw industry has broken the barriers of the paper industry, many countries have implemented favorable policies, the industrial trend is gradually rising, and the development environment of enterprises will become better. Major projects have been put into production, strategic investment has entered the market, many platforms to implement sales cooperation, scale, capital and other development shackles will be broken. The blueprint urges people to forge ahead, and the time for reform does not wait for us. Standing at the new development node, marketing, capital operation, internal management... Every key work needs to be changed, every management malpractice needs to be solved, and every thinking barrier must be broken. The middle stream hits the water, and those who work hard enter. In the tide of rapid development of enterprises, the future belongs to down-to-earth doers, innovators who do not slack off, and dreamers who integrate their personal goals into Quanlin's century-old corporate dreams.

Dreams not only bloom in youth, 2017, use your brains, roll up your sleeves and do it!

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