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Our province announced the first batch of 15 key core technology intellectual property rights Quanlin Group patent technology group successfully selected

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12Month13On the same day, the Information Office of the Shandong Provincial Government held a press conference to announce the first batch of Shandong Province15A key core technology intellectual property rights, Quanlin Group's "Straw Paper Cleaner Production Key Technology Patent Group" was successfully selected, which is the only core patent technology group in the field of comprehensive utilization of resources.

The recognized Quanlin Group "straw papermaking clean production key technology patent group" includes enterprises135Core patents, covering straw storage, pulp, paper, fertilizer, environmental protection, equipment manufacturing and other industrial chain. among them,5This core technology has won the appraisal of international leading technological achievements, and the "New Technology of Straw Clean Pulping and Waste Liquid Fertilizer Resource Utilization" won the "Second Prize of National Technological Invention", which is the highest national technological invention award in the industry. With this as a support, Quanlin Group has built a high-value and deep utilization of straw resources as the core of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries to develop a modern industrial-agricultural compound circular economy industry, I .e., fulvic acid and cellulose are separated from crop straws such as wheat, corn and rice, fulvic acid is used to produce a series of high-end fertilizers to feed back to farmland, and cellulose is used to produce a series of high-grade natural color paper products or ethanol, realizing efficient and comprehensive utilization of straw, it provides an operational industrial plan for a package of solutions to the outstanding problems of agriculture, resources and environment, such as reducing haze, reducing forest resource felling, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and improving agricultural fertility, improving quality, increasing production, reducing chemical fertilizers, reducing pesticides, etc.

It is reported that in order to promote the construction of a strong province of intellectual property rights, Shandong Province proposed2020Cultivate and form a number of key core patents with advanced technology, stable rights and high market returns in the year, and master them in key areas.100The core intellectual property rights with strong international competitiveness and leading industrial development. The identification of intellectual property rights of 100 key core technologies is in.7In January, it was jointly launched by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Provincial Department of Finance, and the Provincial Intellectual Property Office. With the help of the patent big data analysis and evaluation of third-party service agencies and relevant expert demonstrations, Quanlin, Haier, Langchao, etc. were determined.15The key technology patent group is the first batch of key core technology intellectual property rights.

Yu Zhiyong, director of the Shandong Provincial Intellectual Property Office, said that the first batch15The key core technologies are the key core technology intellectual property rights formed in the process of industrial transformation and upgrading or the key cultivation of strategic emerging industries in Shandong Province. Most of the key technologies have broken the foreign technology monopoly or the technical bottleneck of the industry, and some projects have also become The national and industry standards play a core and leading role in solving the key and important technical problems in this technical field, and the technology transfer and transformation have achieved remarkable results, its products have a broad market prospect, which plays an important role in the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and has produced good social and economic benefits. In the next step, Shandong Province will continue to increase support and services to selected companies. In addition to providing support funds, it will also help selected companies to promote intellectual property pledge financing, open a through train for corporate intellectual property protection, and promote the transformation of corporate intellectual property rights. Enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and build intellectual property brands.

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