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Quanlin natural color culture paper into the "green raw and auxiliary materials product catalog"

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Recently, the 2016 edition of the "Green Raw and Auxiliary Materials Product Catalog" edited by the China Printing Technology Association was officially released. Quanlin refined natural color offset printing paper (55 g/m, 60g/m, 90g/m), writing paper (60g/m), offset printing paper (70g/m) and other cultural paper products were successfully included in the catalogue.



The selection activity of "Green Raw and Auxiliary Materials Product Catalog" was initiated by the Printing Association in conjunction with a number of domestic environmental protection experts, industry experts, and several authoritative institutions for green printing and cleaner production certification consulting and technical services. finally, a number of excellent brands that meet the requirements were selected and released to the whole industry. The main functions of the catalogue are: first, to promote high-quality green products to enter the market; second, to encourage printing enterprises to adopt qualified green printing raw and auxiliary materials.

This time, Quanlin's natural cultural paper was successfully compiled into the "Green Raw and Auxiliary Materials Product Catalog", which is a full affirmation of the company's product quality, and also highlights Quanlin's promotion of the green and coordinated development of the industrial chain and clean production and environmental protection of the whole process governance. The positive role.

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