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A series of observation meetings on the pilot projects of experimental demonstration and extension of fulvic acid fertilizer in Shandong Province will be carried out one after another.

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On November 19, the first station of the series of observation and demonstration pilot projects of fulvic acid fertilizer test and promotion in Shandong Province was officially launched at the wheat demonstration base in Dulangkou Town, Chiping County, Liaocheng City. Leaders of Shandong soil and fertilizer station, industry experts, heads of soil and fertilizer system in Liaocheng city and county, agricultural material dealers, farmers and farmers participated in the observation.

At the wheat demonstration base in Dulangkou Town, Chiping County, the staff randomly selected 3 wheat planting sites, counted the number of plants, dug out the whole wheat plant, cleaned the root system, and measured the length, quantity and thickness of the root system. The comparative results showed that the tillering rate of wheat with fulvic acid fertilizer increased by 17.9 before winter and the root length increased by 3.7cm/plant on average.



Zhang Xumeng, owner of Yifeng Family Farm, the wheat field owner of the demonstration base, said that he has been rotating corn and wheat in two seasons for three years. For the first time this year, Quanlinjia fulvic acid fertilizer has been applied to winter wheat. In 2016, the per mu yield of wheat is about 1100kg. At present, the tillers are obviously increasing and the root system is growing. According to data analysis, measurement experts predict that if the growth conditions are fully met, the per mu yield of wheat applying fulvic acid fertilizer is expected to reach 1300kg next year, I .e. about 200kg per mu. These observation data fully verify the efficacy of fulvic acid in increasing production and improving quality, reducing fertilizer and soil remediation.

According to the plan of the pilot project for the demonstration and extension of fulvic acid fertilizer in Shandong Province, in 2016, 7 prefecture-level cities and 24 counties in Shandong Province, a demonstration base with a total area of 100000 mu of 7 crops was selected to carry out fulvic acid fertilizer test and demonstration work in an all-round way.

Li Hushen, head of Liaocheng Soil and Fertilizer Station, said that Quanlinjia has fulvic acid as a crop growth promoter, fertilizer efficiency enhancer, pesticide efficiency enhancer and poison reducer, and soil conditioner. Its application can promote the healthy growth of crops, improve the quality of agricultural products, realize the return of straw fertilizer to the field, reduce straw burning pollution, help the development of circular agriculture, and benefit the country and the people. All 8 counties and districts in Liaocheng participated in this project, involving three crops of wheat, cucumber and tomato. It has been implemented since October 4, and 18 experimental demonstration sites have been built.



At the scene, Liu Yansheng, head of the provincial soil and fertilizer station, pointed out that the new fulvic acid fertilizer developed and promoted by Quanlin using agricultural waste plays an important role in agricultural production. In order to further verify the effect of fulvic acid and provide real and effective data support for the application of fulvic acid, according to the requirements of the project, the provincial soil and fertilizer station and the agricultural departments at the municipal and county levels will cooperate with Quanlin in the whole process, and select different regions and different crops in the whole province to carry out comprehensive test and demonstration work, so as to provide evidence for the large-scale popularization and application of fulvic acid fertilizer and provide good service for the agricultural production in the whole province.



Chiping County is the first station of a series of field observations for the pilot project of fulvic acid fertilizer test demonstration and promotion in Shandong Province. Other observations will be held in Jining, Dezhou, Heze and other places.

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