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Quanlin's "Double Eleven" Breaks Record Again and Sales Breaks 38 million

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In the just-concluded "Double Eleven" carnival, "Quanlin" has achieved impressive results, with 24-hour cumulative sales of the entire network exceeding 3800million, doubling growth over the same period. The "Double Eleven" sales of e-commerce platforms such as "Quanlin" Tmall flagship store, Tmall Supermarket and Jingdong's own business all exceeded expectations, and the hot sales and explosions were almost sold out.

11After the 0.1 of the day, "Quanlin's true colors" instantly triggered a panic buying spree, with sales soaring to 0.10Points, online sales exceeded 3 million; At 1: 50: 46, online sales exceeded 15 million, and nearly 20 single items were sold out. At 23: 59: 59, online sales reached 38.041 million.

The "Double Eleven" achieved such excellent results mainly due to the strong product power of "Quanlin" household paper. In this "double 11" carnival, the company also invited young singer Ping An to broadcast the product live on Tmall's live broadcast platform. On that day, the number of online viewers exceeded one million, including many users of "Quanlin's true colors". They left messages praising "Quanlin's true colors", "easy to use, environmentally friendly and healthy" and "double 11".The household paper that my mother appointed to buy "," I can actually see the low-key Quanlin's true colors on the live broadcast, good products, recommend everyone to use "... It is with the support and recognition of many consumers that" Quanlin's true colors "broke the siege in the" Double Eleven "carnival and won the 38 million sales.



For a long time, the company attaches great importance to the development of e-commerce, specially set up an e-commerce department, and established a three-dimensional sales platform based on traditional e-commerce, platform POP stores and community e-commerce. Since the beginning of this year, the company has further strengthened the development of e-commerce, giving full support to large-scale promotional activities throughout the year, and the development momentum of e-commerce flagship stores is extremely rapid. In this "Double Eleven" event, the company not only invested a lot of energy in terms of target determination, backward supply of goods, promotion costs, etc., but also made detailed plans from multiple perspectives such as product optimization, product reconstruction, operation methods, promotion efforts, and maintenance of old customers. The response plan is to innovate and launch "content-based operation", "entertainment", and "globalization" sales methods, the system optimizes and adjusts the product structure, product line, product sales price, promotion intensity, etc., and uses "thousands of people and thousands of faces" and other "consumer demand"-oriented precision marketing on the search page to maximize the introduction of high conversion rate Traffic to promote sales.




Since the beginning of this year, "Quanlin" household paper has been in short supply. With the successive production of Heilongjiang Quanlin Company and Jilin Quande Company, household paper production capacity has been effectively released, and corporate performance will achieve rapid development.

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