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"Spring Forest Model" Blooms Weifang Industry-University-Research Exhibition

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In the golden autumn of October, in the beautiful season of osmanthus fragrance, an innovative grand gathering came as promised. 10On March 13-15, the Shandong Industry-University-Research Fair and the first Shandong Industrial Design week were held at the Weifang Fuhua International Convention and Exhibition Center. Vice Governor Zhang Wufeng, Director of the Provincial Economic and Information Commission Qian Huantao, Weifang Municipal Government, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Industrial Design Relevant leading guests from the Association and China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Promotion Association attended the event. As a state-level technological innovation enterprise and an award-winning enterprise in the "Governor's Cup" industrial design competition, Quanlin Group was invited to participate in the exhibition. At the exhibition, the company showed the "spring forest model" and its products in an all-round way, which won the attention and praise of all parties.




At this exhibition, the company's industrial products are favored, with flowers blooming and colorful blooming. The "Quanlin Model" for comprehensive utilization of straw is a typical innovation model for publicity and promotion in the comprehensive exhibition hall of Shandong Province. "Quanlin's natural color" household paper will be displayed in the theme exhibition hall as the winning works of the "Governor's Cup" industrial design competition. Innovative products such as Quanlin's "Jiayou" fulvic acid and natural color paper will be displayed comprehensively in the municipal comprehensive exhibition hall. In front of the booths, there was an endless stream of government officials, merchants and media consulting and negotiating.

At the exhibition site, many exhibitors and citizens bought the food-grade safety and green environmental protection characteristics of "Quanlin" household paper and said they would recommend it to friends. Some discerning merchants value the business opportunities of Quanlin's "Jiayou" fulvic acid products, learn more about the product categories and functions, and actively consult cooperation and procurement matters. Many provincial and municipal leaders praised the "Quanlin model" and pointed out that as an innovative achievement that can solve the problems of sustainable development such as environment, resources and agriculture in a package, the "Quanlin model" is very in line with China's national conditions and policy direction, with broad development prospects and outstanding social significance. It is hoped that Quanlin will "take advantage of the general trend and set long sails" to achieve rapid development on an unconventional scale.




The Shandong Industry-University-Research Fair is hosted by the Shandong Provincial People's Government. It mainly displays and promotes the major achievements and typical innovations of the province's industry-university-research cooperation. It has been successfully held 25session. This exhibition fully reflects the company's innovative strength, but also shows the company's industrial product advantages, and further enhances the company and brand awareness.

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