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Quanlin Jiayou Fertilizer Showing Elegance at the 18th National Fertilizer Double Fair

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Recently, the 18th National Fertilizer Information Exchange and Products Fair (referred to as the "National Fertilizer Double Fair") was held in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition is sponsored by the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center and China Agricultural Technology Extension Association, and the group fertilizer company participates as an assisting unit. Chen Shengdou, director of the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center, Xin Jingshu, director of the Soil and Fertilizer Department of the National Agricultural Technology Extension Center, Yang Fan, deputy director of the Soil and Fertilizer Department of the National Agricultural Technology Extension Center, etc. visited the fertilizer company's booth for guidance, and many media such as the Agricultural Material Guide, China Agricultural Material, Xinhuanet's Three Rural Channels, and New Agricultural Material 360 conducted on-site reports.



At the exhibition, Quanlin's "Jiayou" fulvic acid series fertilizer and straw refined fertilizer returning program attracted widespread attention, especially the remarkable effects of "Jiayou" fulvic acid fertilizer in improving quality and increasing production, reducing chemical fertilizers, reducing pesticides, improving soil and other aspects were well received by the participating leaders, media and audiences. Many fertilizer buyers came to consult fulvic acid fertilizer related information, the product characteristics of fulvic acid and market prospects have great enthusiasm, and actively negotiate procurement matters. The staff of the company also carried out the water solubility test of fulvic acid fertilizer on site, so that the participants can understand the water solubility effect of fulvic acid more intuitively. During the exhibition, Huang Hongxing, director of operations of the fertilizer company, was interviewed by China New Fertilizer Network, where he pointed out that "Quanlin Jiayou Fertilizer Company is committed to creating a full nutritional solution for crops from base fertilizer to top dressing and then to foliar spray fertilization. At present, the company integrates the characteristics of fulvic acid itself and actively conducts matching experiments, and the products have covered the whole process of crop growth." With the theme of "internationalization, scale and specialization", this year's National Fertilizer Fair brings together famous fertilizer enterprises from all over the country. The exhibition covers all kinds of products in the industry, and is an annual grand gathering of representatives of outstanding enterprises in the national fertilizer industry. Through this double fair, Jiayou Fertilizer Company fully demonstrated the advantages of industrial products, effectively enhanced the good image of the enterprise, and provided assistance for the development of fulvic acid industry.Force.

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