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Shandong Province Fulvic Acid Fertilizer Test Demonstration and Extension Pilot Project Started in the Province

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Recently, Quanlin Jiayou Fertilizer Company and Shandong Provincial Soil and Fertilizer Station (hereinafter referred to as "Provincial Soil and Fertilizer Station") jointly declared the "National Agricultural Comprehensive Development and Industrialization Management Financial Subsidy Project -2016-2017 Gaotang County, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province The Feasibility Study Report of the Leading Enterprise Project was approved and the promotion and application of the fulvic acid fertilizer test demonstration pilot project across the province began. This is a leading industrialization pilot project that Shandong Province has invested heavily in the demonstration and promotion of new agricultural technologies and new products in recent years. The new agricultural organizations with the majority of farmers' professional cooperatives and large growers as the main body in Shandong Province will become the key objects to enjoy fulvic acid fertilizer subsidies.

Enjoy Fulvic Acid Free Test Fertilizer Farmers Experience High-tech

The implementation period of this project is two years, covering more than 10 kinds of crops such as wheat, corn, vegetables and fruit trees. Among them, 25 fulvic acid tests and 34 demonstrations will be carried out in 24 counties of 7 cities this year, with a popularization and application area of 77100 mu. Next year, 29 fulvic acid tests and 43 demonstrations will be carried out in 29 counties of 11 cities. This season's activities have been carried out in many places in the province at the same time. Up to now, all wheat fertilizers involved in experimental demonstration have been distributed in place.

"I heard that fulvic acid fertilizer is very good. As a result, I came to our village this year. I am going to follow the guidance and work arrangement of the Agriculture Bureau. I will definitely test it well." At the distribution site of fulvic acid test fertilizer in Houliu Village, Jiangdian Town, Gaotang County, Yu Baoyou, a villager who received the fertilizer, had a happy look on his face. County Agriculture Bureau and Quanlinjia Fertilizer Company staff, according to the farmers planting area for fertilizer distribution registration work.

"Our agricultural bureau technicians also regularly carry out technical tracking and technical guidance." Xie Rongfang, head of the Soil and Fertilizer Station of the Gaotang County Agriculture Bureau, said that in order to ensure the smooth operation of the project and achieve ideal results, on the basis of the early distribution of fertilizers, the relevant departments of the Agriculture Bureau will continue to carry out technical follow-up on the county's demonstration test fields.

"Quanlinjia has fulvic acid this fertilizer was introduced in '14, we have done a lot of experiments, first of all, the effect of the field, an average increase of 10%. Vegetables are increased by 8% to 20%, some will be higher, indeed fulvic acid fertilizer has a special role, especially in improving soil, improve disease resistance, improve quality." Zhang Hongqi, head of the soil and fertilizer station of Xin County Agriculture Bureau, is also full of confidence in the promotion of this experiment.

The mode of comprehensive utilization of resources solves the problem of agricultural development in many aspects.

In recent years, the utilization rate of water, fertilizer and pesticide is low, and the quality of cultivated land, agricultural products and agricultural ecological environment are facing increasingly serious problems. In particular, the excessive use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers has posed a great threat to the sustainable development of agriculture, the further increase of agricultural production and food security. It has become an industry consensus to increase the application of commercial organic fertilizer and formula fertilization to improve the above problems.

This project is mainly to promote the application of spring forest "Jiayou" fulvic acid microbial agents, fulvic acid nutrient solution and fulvic acid bio-organic fertilizer three fertilizers. They have the characteristics of high fulvic acid content, rich nutrients, and easy absorption by crops. They can promote root growth, increase soil organic matter, improve water and fertilizer retention, improve crop resistance, reduce disease occurrence, and reduce pesticide and fertilizer input. Effectively improve the soil, reduce the amount of fertilizers and pesticides, and solve the problem of agricultural non-point source pollution.

According to many years of experiments by experts from many scientific research institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, it has been proved that the average yield of fulvic acid fertilizer on field crops can reach more than 10%, while the initial target of this project is to increase the average yield of field crops by 6% and the income of cash crops by 11%. In 2016, 75000 mu of fulvic acid fertilizer will be popularized and applied on wheat to drive 8000 farmers to use fulvic acid fertilizer. According to the average wheat yield of 1000kg per mu, after the expected target (6% increase in yield) is reached, the yield per mu can be increased by more than 60kg, bringing income to farmers in 70 yuan, and the promotion and application of 75000 mu can create direct economic benefits in 5.25 million yuan. The average yield of cash crops per mu is 10000kg. After the expected target (10% increase in yield) is reached, the yield per mu can be increased by 1000kg, bringing 2000 yuan to farmers, promotion and demonstration of 2100 mu can create direct economic benefits of 4.2 million yuan. To sum up, the total direct economic benefits created by this project in 2016 will be 9.45 million yuan, compared with 12.67 million yuan in 2017.

Government special funds to support enterprises Government joint promotion efforts

On May 6 this year, Governor Guo Shuqing and his entourage visited the company and fully affirmed and highly appraised the development of the ecological recycling industry of straw fulvic acid refined fertilizer returning to the field in Quanlin, and praised the "Quanlin Model" as a typical circular economy and a typical green industry. It has made great contributions to Shandong Province, China and the world, and arranged and deployed a series of support measures on the spot. On June 8, Zhao Runtian, vice governor of the provincial government in charge of agriculture, and his party went to the company to investigate and make specific arrangements for the demonstration and promotion of fulvic acid. Subsequently, the relevant departments decided to carry out the demonstration and promotion of "Jiayou" fulvic acid fertilizer in Quanlin in the form of agricultural financial subsidy projects.

During the implementation of the project, Quanlin Jiayou Fertilizer Company signed an experimental demonstration and extension agreement with the provincial soil and fertilizer station. The provincial soil and fertilizer station will assign the experimental demonstration and extension tasks to the soil and fertilizer stations in each project county and supervise and manage them. At the same time, the county distributors of Quanlinjia Fertilizer Company will also adopt the marketing method of "product technical service" to determine the target county demonstration plots for publicity, training and promotion.

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