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Heilongjiang Quanlin Company participated in the 4th International Green Organic Food Industry Expo

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On September 22, the 5-day 4th Heilongjiang International Green Organic Food Industry Expo and Harbin World Agricultural Expo officially kicked off at the Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center. Heilongjiang Quanlin Company was invited to participate. At this exhibition, Heilongjiang Quanlin Company displayed the "Quanlin Model" and products for comprehensive utilization of straw in an all-round way, which was widely praised by participating leaders, media and audiences, and became the focus of attention of the venue.

On the opening day, Heilongjiang Quanlin Company fully displayed "Jiayou" fulvic acid fertilizer, household paper, cultural paper and other straw native pulp products. Once the products are on display, they attract the attention of many visitors, and there is an endless stream of people who come to consult and negotiate. Many buyers of agricultural materials value the product characteristics and market prospects of fulvic acid fertilizer, such as "improving soil fertility, improving yield, improving quality, reducing chemical fertilizers and pesticides", and actively discuss cooperation matters.



During the exhibition, Wang Aiwen, vice governor of Heilongjiang Province, Guo Ji, mayor of Jiamusi City, and other participating leaders visited the booth of Heilongjiang Quanlin Company one after another. The mayor of Suihua City, the mayor of Fujin City and other leaders also inquired in detail about the company's development and industrial layout. International Online, People's Daily Online, Heilongjiang News Channel and other media have also conducted on-site interviews and reports.



Through this exhibition, Heilongjiang Quanlin Company fully demonstrated the advantages of industrial products and effectively enhanced the company's corporate image and brand effect in Northeast China.

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