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Song Mingxin Winning China Paper Cai Lun Science and Technology Award

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On May 19, the third (enlarged) meeting of the Seventh Council of China Paper Society was held in Xi'an. After strict screening by the organizing committee of the conference, Song Mingxin, chief engineer of Quanlin Group, won the second "China Paper Cailun Science and Technology Award" with a high vote. He is the only enterprise winner among the three winners.

This award is another industry honor after Quanlin Group won the second prize of national technological invention and the "Science and Technology Innovation Award" of he Liang he Li Foundation. This shows the recognition of Quanlin Group for many years, relying on technological innovation, insisting on green development, and making every effort to promote the optimization and upgrading of the straw pulping and papermaking circular economy industry. It also marks that the "Quanlin Model" is of great significance to China's straw pulp and paper industry.

It is reported that the China Paper Cai Lun Award was established by the China Paper Society. It is the highest-level social award in the field of pulp and paper science and technology in my country. It consists of the "China Paper Cai Lun Lifetime Achievement Award, Science and Technology Award and Youth Science and Technology Award. It aims to commend the scientific and technological workers who have made outstanding contributions in the paper industry in scientific and technological innovation and technological progress, encourage and mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of the majority of members and the national paper science and technology workers, promote the innovation and progress of modern paper science and technology, and promote the sustainable development of China's pulp and paper industry. The Cai Lun Science and Technology Award is selected every two years, and the number of winners in each session does not exceed3Name.


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