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Quanlin Group and Beidahuang Trade Reach Strategic Partnership

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On May 27, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Quanlin Group and Beidahuang Trading Group was successfully held in Quanlin Hotel. The two parties announced the establishment of a strategic partnership, a strong alliance, the sharing of advantageous resources, a comprehensive expansion of product sales channels, and a joint effort to build a spring forest straw fulvic acid refined fertilizer to return to the field ecological recycling agricultural industry aircraft carrier.


"Spring forest model" a revolution of environmental protection and agriculture

At the ceremony, Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of Quanlin Group, introduced in detail the main content and industrialization value of the "Quanlin Model" of returning straw fulvic acid fertilizer to the field. He emphasized that the value of the "Spring Forest Model" lies not only in its industrial scale, but also in its important significance in promoting the improvement of crop quality and production, the reduction of fertilizers and pesticides, ensuring the safety of food sources, improving soil, and promoting carbon emission reduction. The group's market resources and marketing platform will have a more significant and far-reaching impact.

Wang Kejian, chairman of Beidahuang Trading Group, highly praised the "Quanlin model". In his speech, he said: "through this cooperation, I have the honor to have an in-depth understanding of Quanlin Group, which has taught me a lot, shocked me a lot, and felt a lot. The 'Quanlin model' fully embodies the five development concepts of 'innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing', and plays an inestimable role in a series of national economy and people's livelihood issues in the fields of agriculture, resources and environment. It is a great change to China's environmental pollution control and a revolutionary change to the sustainable development of China's agriculture."

Quanlin Hand in Hand with the Great Northern Wilderness to Build a Strategic Industrial Aircraft Carrier

Regarding this cooperation, Wang Kejian, chairman of Beidahuang Trading Group, said that the advantages of the two parties cannot be replaced by other industries. The industrial chain can be closely integrated, and the two parties can achieve a strong alliance to create a new industrial aircraft carrier that is a win-win situation for the enterprise and society.

Beidahuang Group is an enterprise based on crop production and marketing. It has established more than 1300 green food chain stores and sales outlets in 22 provinces across the country, as well as Beidahuang e-commerce platform, in order to expand the market share of "Quanlin" paper products and increase brand awareness. Establish a brand image and achieve a substantial increase in sales revenue to create conditions. Beidahuang area has a total area of 55400 square kilometers, with 43.385 million mu of cultivated land, 13.842 million mu of woodland, 5.153 million mu of grassland and 3.814 million mu of water surface, which provides unique market conditions for the popularization and application of fulvic acid fertilizer.

Beidahuang Commercial Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Heilongjiang Agricultural Reclamation Beidahuang Group. It is a large-scale modern commercial enterprise with large scale, strong economic strength and outstanding comprehensive management ability in Heilongjiang Province. The group has more than 100 wholly-owned, holding and shareholding enterprises, with an annual sales income of more than 50 billion yuan, ranking the top 8 of the top 100 enterprises in Heilongjiang Province. Representatives of the people's Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, Construction Bank, Agricultural Commercial Bank and other financial institutions, as well as leaders of the package team of Quanlin Circular economy Industrial Park in Gaotang County attended the event.

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