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Governor Guo Shuqing inspected Quanlin Group to arrange a series of measures to support the ecological recycling industry of Quanlin straw fertilizer returning to the field.

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5January 5-6On the same day, Guo Shuqing, deputy secretary of the Shandong Provincial CPC Committee and governor, led responsible comrades of the General Office of the Shandong Provincial Government, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial people's and Social Affairs Department, the Provincial Public Security Department, and other relevant departments to Liaocheng to inspect the construction of urban-rural integration and held a forum to listen to the work reports of relevant units. During the inspection, Governor Guo Shuqing and his entourage focused on inspecting the development model of ecological recycling agriculture in Quanlin Group.

6On the morning of the 8th, Governor Guo Shuqing and his party first visited Quanjuyuan Farm. As the experimental base of fulvic acid fertilizer in Quanlin, all food crops, fruits and vegetables, Chinese herbal medicine and other crops planted in Quanjuyuan are applied with fulvic acid fertilizer. The dazzling array of green vegetables, authentic seasonal fruits, and lush ancient mulberry trees amazed Governor Guo Shuqing and his party. Governor Guo Shuqing said happily, "The fruit grown from fulvic acid tastes really good. It's the first time I 've seen so many mulberry trees!" After a detailed understanding of the production process and test results of Quanlin fulvic acid fertilizer, especially in promoting crop quality and yield, pesticide and chemical fertilizer reduction, he said with a smile: "this has solved some big problems for our agricultural development."

    6On the afternoon of the 15th, Governor Guo Shuqing visited Quanlin Group's environmental protection treatment project, 100000 tons of natural cultural paper workshop and enterprise product exhibition hall. In Spring Forest 10In the 10,000-ton natural color cultural paper workshop, Governor Guo Shuqing walked and watched, constantly asking in detail about the performance of the paper machine and product quality. When he learned that the production line is currently the world's most advanced straw pulp and paper production line, and the key parts are independently designed and transformed by the company At that time, Governor Guo Shuqing smiled approvingly. Seeing Quanlin's insistence on self-reliance and independent innovation, Governor Guo Shuqing said with great feeling: "Quanlin is an extremely innovative enterprise, and its industrial model, technology, and equipment are all the same."

In the Quanlin product exhibition hall, Governor Guo Shuqing learned in detail about the overall development of various products and industries of the enterprise. "The application of Quanlin's independent innovation technology to squeeze out and make the best use of straw resources not only provides the market with green health products such as natural paper and fulvic acid fertilizer, but also provides the government with a whole industry chain solution to urgent problems such as straw burning ban, carbon emission reduction, agricultural quality improvement and production increase, chemical fertilizer and pesticide reduction, soil degradation and pollution control." Hearing Chairman Li Hongfa's explanation of the Quanlin straw fulvic acid fertilizer returning mode, Governor Guo Shuqing nodded repeatedly and pointed out in particular that the "Quanlin mode" is very in line with the country's current development concept and policy direction. the realization of innovative development, coordinated development, green development, open development and shared development can really benefit the common people.

At the symposium, Chairman Li Hongfa mainly reported on the development of the ecological recycling agricultural model of returning Quanlin straw fulvic acid refined fertilizer to the field, and put forward relevant issues that the provincial government needs to coordinate and solve in terms of industrial development and fertilizer promotion. Governor Guo Shuqing fully affirmed and highly appraised Quanlin's development of the ecological circular agricultural industry of straw and fulvic acid fertilizer returning to the field, calling Quanlin a "model of green development and a model of circular economy", and the "Quanlin model" is a "typical circular economy, A typical green industry is not only a great contribution to Shandong Province, but also a great contribution to China and the world. Chairman Mao in 60In the 1990 s, it was proposed that "China should make a greater contribution to mankind", which has been fully reflected in Quanlin."

In response to the relevant problems faced by the development of enterprises reflected by Chairman Li Hongfa, Governor Guo Shuqing made important arrangements on how to increase support for Quanlin. In terms of promoting industrial development, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission will do a good job of close docking, and consider establishing an investment fund in conjunction with the Quanlin project to support the development of strategic emerging industries based on the return of straw fulvic acid and refined fertilizer to the field in Quanlin. At the same time, contact the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance., The Ministry of Environmental Protection and other counterpart departments are more involved in the Quanlin project to strive for a better policy environment for enterprises. In terms of fertilizer promotion, the Provincial Department of Agriculture will take the lead in organizing key research or technical appraisal, focusing on the effect of fulvic acid fertilizer production and application on environmental improvement, agricultural product quality and yield, research policy docking points, and make good use of the national agricultural subsidy policy. Increase the publicity and promotion of Quanlin fulvic acid at the government level. In terms of financial support for enterprise development, the provincial government should invite the leaders of China Investment Corporation and Agricultural Bank of China to visit Quanlin, discuss with Quanlin to carry out various strategic cooperation, and create conditions to realize the listing of enterprises as soon as possible.

Finally, Governor Guo Shuqing placed ardent expectations on the development of Quanlin. He said that Quanlin already has the world's advanced industrial products with broad development prospects. The next step is to do a good job in capital operation and take advantage of the situation to achieve rapid and long-term development.

Municipal Party Secretary Xu Jingyan, Mayor Song Junji, County Party Secretary Liu Chunhua, County Mayor Zhang Ying, and company chairman and general manager Li Hongfa accompanied the event.

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