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Announcement on Visit of Shandong Quanlin Paper Co., Ltd.

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Vigorously developing circular economy is an important measure for China to achieve economic transformation, and it is an inevitable choice to implement the strategic deployment of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to promote the construction of ecological civilization and realize the sustainable development of China's economy. After exploration and practice, the development of circular economy in various industries in China has summed up rich experience and typical model cases, in order to further strengthen the quality training of the concept of national circular economy development, enhance the perceptual understanding and participation of the whole society in the development of circular economy, and give full play to the social education function of existing key circular economy industries, it is of great significance to carry out the work of establishing circular economy education demonstration base.

 2015Year1In January, Quanlin Paper was rated as the provincial circular economy education demonstration base establishment unit through six departments: Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Commission, Shandong Provincial Department of Finance, Shandong Provincial Department of Education, Shandong Provincial Tourism Bureau, and Shandong Provincial People's Government Energy Conservation Office. At present, the enterprise hasIn order to better play the role of circular economy education demonstration of enterprises, shoulder the social responsibility of circular economy development of enterprises, establish a good corporate image, strengthen product publicity, guide the concept of social green consumption, and establish the awareness of environmental protection and ecological balance, the relevant matters of the visit are hereby announced..

The company is open to the public free of charge, opening hours: monthly10Day-20Day morning 9:00-11:30, afternoon.1400-16:00. Visitors can book a visit by telephone or fax.

Telephone reservation:0635-3961718     Appointment Fax:0635-3961597

Visit notes

1. please pay attention to their own safety.

(I) please fasten your seat belt when taking the car, do not change your seat at will, do not stick your head and hands out of the window, and pay attention to the direction of the car when getting on and off the car to avoid danger.

After entering the visiting area, (II) tourists must obey the command and management of the staff and visit within the prescribed route and scope.

(III), please be careful with showcases and production equipment, pay attention to safety. Do not climb against or squeeze the glass showcase to prevent the glass from breaking and hurting your body; do not approach any equipment and facilities in the factory to prevent the equipment from being charged or rotating at high speed and hurting your body.

2. please protectPlant areaEcological environment, do not carry out the following activities in the plant area.

(I) dangerous articles such as inflammable, explosive, highly toxic, corrosive and radioactive are prohibited from entering the plant area.

(II), please do not smoke, spit everywhere, throw peel and paper scraps in the factory area, and it is strictly forbidden to carve, scribble and scribble on the factory facilities.

(III) all other activities that damage the resources and facilities of the scenic spot.

3. visit the factory area, please do not walk around, chase, push and shove crowded, loud noise, so as not to affect other tourists to visit.

4.There is a "please" in the factory area.Do not take pictures at the sign. .

5. Advocates Civilized Visits, Advocate the social morality of abiding by the rules, respecting the old and loving the young, and treating others politely, forming a good interpersonal atmosphere, so that every visitor can get physical and mental pleasure during the visit.

 6., if the visit service of the factory area is not satisfactory to you, welcome to put forward valuable opinions or suggestions.

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